Kia ora! 

Welcome to Birkenhead Primary School, Te Kura Matarae o Onewa, which sits in the heart of Birkenhead's Highbury Village. Our school is a learning community that encourages children to reach their personal best. We provide a great learning environment, with wonderful teachers, and a range of opportunities for children to take responsibility and challenge themselves. We offer a full curriculum, with strong tuition in numeracy and literacy, along with plenty of additional activities.

NEWSLETTER 15/27                           2 September 2015

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and friends of the school

The Royal Society - as a school, we wish to acknowledge the amazing support we have had from the Royal Society of New Zealand for our Science development. You will remember that Miss Ho had a 2014 Science fellowship through the Society, and then, at the end of her fellowship, she was asked to facilitate workshops for the next group of teacher fellows. In return for this the Society gave the school $4000 for science equipment and to cover her release.  Following on from this, we have applied to the Royal Society for resourcing to help us to develop science education in the school - much of it funding for teacher release for a number of purposes, which has really improved our classroom Science programmes - especially the children’s abilities to make close observations, and using these observations to develop their science ideas.  We are also trialling a more student-driven inquiry programme in the classroom.  At the same time, Miss Ho has set up an entomology and bird club.  These children are learning to  collect  tui birdsong data for Massey University.  

Keeping children reading - I know that the fact that we are now having to set up the Library as a New Entrant space is a disappointment for all concerned. We will be doing our best to keep children and books well connected. Mr Houghton and Amanda are making up book boxes which will be able to be circulated in the three teams. We are hoping that Panuku children will be able to do visits to the Public Library. I am sure that children will also share their favourite books with their friends.

Class visits - Mrs Rees, Miss Ho, and I visited rooms again yesterday for a look at teaching and learning.  Children were well engaged in their learning - lots of number work going on, lots of very clever strategising being used, teachers and groups examining texts together, children working independently, working together in groups on activities. It is wonderful to see so much positive learning, and so many positive learning conversations between teachers and children. Many children were able to tell us of their Spotlights. Our challenge is to really make sure they know how to get there!!

Mrs Bray is away for the rest of the term and is resting up at home following her recent surgery.  We wish her all the very best for a speedy recovery and hope that she may be able to  pop in to school to visit us sometime during the last week of the term.

Health & Safety reminders:  Please remember that the staff carpark on Mokoia Road is not to be used to drop off children in the mornings.   There are still children being allowed to walk through this carpark instead of using the footpath and then entering the school grounds through the pergola gateway.

The drop off zone at the lower entrance way is not for parking your vehicle- please just drop off your child(ren) safely and move on to allow others to do the same. Please help us to keep all the children safe by doing the right thing.


September 8 - Panuku trip to MOTAT

September 8 - PTA Wine & Nibbles 7.30pm in the staffroom- see flyer

September 16 & 17 – Whanake production- orders for tickets sent home today

PTA Quiz Night: Many thanks to everyone who came along for a great night last Friday.  There were lots of outstanding costumes, intriguing trivia and slick dance moves!  We also raised around the $11,000 mark which is absolutely fantastic!  A big thanks to Rebecca, Rose and all the volunteers who helped out before, during and clean-up after the event - your involvement and support is much appreciated.

This persuasive writing comes from an English Language Learner in Room 17.

Fitness is boring and it wastes your time.  When I go to fitness I feel like I am chased by monsters and burned by fire.  So when fitness comes I am doomed.  When I do star jumps I am so tired and then I can’t stop because my legs just keep jumping.  When I do skipping I hurt my legs every time.  Fitness is bad for you because you need to do lots of things like running, jumping, star jumps and running in the rain.  If you like fitness, switch it right now because your body can not run so much and you will get tired.  Do not waste your learning time.  Fitness is the most boring thing I have ever seen.  It makes children sad and it makes children mad.  Wayne Tian

In My Street,  by Lauren McPhee Room 15

In my street,

Summer is lazing on deck chairs, Breeze tossing your hair, Sun shining on your face as you paddle the sea

In my street,

Autumn is raking leaves, Collecting fire wood, Preparing for winter’s shadow settling

In my street,

Winter is wrapping up warm, Breath bursting out of mouths in misty streams, Savouring the fire each morning

In my street,

Spring is rainy days,Happiness, Enjoyment, Excitement for the summer that awaits us

Here is a wonderful piece of persuasive writing from Lopini Vai, Room 15

Should we change New Zealands flag? I personally think we should because it is time for a change. There are other reasons that support changing our flag too.

The first reason is that New Zealand’s flag needs to be instantly recognisable. It’s very similar to Australia’s flag. In fact the only difference is just the stars. My own mum for instance points to the screen and says, “Look, look! It’s New Zealand, go back!!” So we rewind the TV and it turns out to be an article on Australia! I mean come on!

The second reason is that our new flag can still honour the past. It could honour our country’s soldiers who went to war by incorporating the stars still or another symbol. Our brave soldiers will not be forgotten just because the flag that they fought under is changed…


Have a great week, Nigel Bioletti,  Principal

Outside organisations  

Birkenhead Tennis Club, Junior  Open Day- Saturday, September 6th from 2-4pm.  Come along for fun games, sausage sizzle and spot prizes