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June 23

posted Jun 22, 2017, 7:16 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Jun 22, 2017, 7:27 PM ]

Tena koutou ki te whanau

Disco - What a great night for the children, who were all very sensible during the evening! Thanks to everyone concerned, with special thanks to Suzy for MCing the night, and making it a lot of fun, and to our fantastic PTA team for their sterling work. The children certainly enjoyed dancing on stage - we are developing a lot of performers!


Upstart magazine - We received a complimentary copy of this magazine this week. It appears to be a great magazine for children - with lots of activities, opportunities to write in with their points of view on topics, etc. There is a bit of advertising in the magazine, but still definitely worth a look. Go to


Fidget spinners - parents - please take note that we do not take responsibility for these items, and will not be spending time trying to find lost spinners.


Te Reo-a-thon - Now’s the time to gather that sponsorship money in. The proceeds of the -athon will be spent on new resources to support our Te reo programme, extra resources for our kapa haka group’s 60 children and to help promote Te reo in the school. From the PTA: Te Reo-a-thon Sponsorship Forms - Thank you for your participation in this years academic fundraiser. Our PTA representative will be in the office foyer 8:30-9am every morning next week to collect your sponsorship forms and money. Kia ora!

Museum visits

Panuku students visited the museum this week as part of their ‘Our Place’ Inquiry.  


Emily Sullivan reports:  We learned about Matariki.  It is celebrated because of our ancestors and how they passed on knowledge to us.


Matariki visit

The Kapa haka children have visited Mariposa Kindergarten this morning. Then they headed to Birkdale Intermediate for the annual Matariki festival, where they are performing, and also enjoying the performances of local schools and groups. Here the moko transfer is being applied in preparation for their performances.  

Some children are certainly going to sleep well tonight. 


Class visits  Miss Ho and I have been visiting classrooms again this week. We see so much great activity going on - maths activities, great learning with teachers at teaching tables, children working together, solving problems together, using gadgets, wonderful writing and sharing of stories… thank you teachers!!!


26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration

29 June - Share the Arts,  9am-10.15am

3 July – 12.30 finish.  Triangles for everyone except Room 2.  See below.

7 July - Term 3 ends at the normal time, 3.00pm

24 July - Term 3 begins

31 July to 4 August - Book week.  More info soon.

Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki:

Panui mai (read to me)

Whakarongo mai (listen to me)

Titiro mai (look at me)

Kōrero mai (talk to me)

Haere mai (come to me)


Birkenhead School’s beehive - Bees up top rescue bee colonies before the exterminator is called and then provide hives free to schools.  We are top of the list for a school beehive but not quite there yet.  You can help by liking Bees Up Top on Facebook and sharing it on your home page.  Bee Swarms:  Spring is the season for bees swarming. If you see a bee swarm DON’T be scared, they won’t sting you while swarming! DON’T call the exterminator, call Bees Up Top instead! We will quickly and safely remove the bee swarm for free, AND we will provide the swarm with a safe and happy home.  Phone Jessie, 0212033612


Triangles - Book your triangle appointment online at . Our school’s code is b3dzw.  School closes for the day at 12.30. Please return your supervision request slip if you are unable to pick your child up at this time.  Room 2 parents should contact Ms Couldrey to make an appointment,


Birkenhead Primary Positive Sporting Environment Coaches Workshop

This workshop will be around how we as coaches can create positive sporting environments for our players. This will be a great opportunity to get support as a coach as well as an opportunity to meet and learn from other fantastic coaches through enriching group discussions.  The workshop will have both practical and theory based content, delivered by Heather Goodall (CSI Coaching Leader - Harbour Sport).  Wednesday 12th July 10-12pm, at Birkenhead Primary School. RSVP by MONDAY 10TH JULY, 


Rooms 14 & 15 students have been writing reports. Here is a wonderful example:

A Bizarre moth

This is probably the strangest moth you’ve ever seen. This cute alien-like critter has been hidden from the human world, but not for long…  The poodle moth will soon be out.

Do you ever wonder why a poodle moth?  It’s because of the looks.  Its fluffy hair makes the puffy look of a poodle.  A poodle moth has big, black eyes and funky antennae poking out of its head.  Large wings come out of the back, but it is not as cuddly as it looks.  The Venezuelan poodle moth is an amazing discovery.

The poodle moth is thought to be a relative of the muslin moth.  There are over 6,000 different types of moth and the poodle moth is one of them.  This is quite a mystery moth.  It was discovered in 2009 in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela.  You can now start buying them as pets!

When Dr Arthur Anker said he had found the poodle moth many did not believe him.  They thought he had edited it but someone made it a Pokemon and became really famous.

I find that the poodle moth is cute, but not everyone thinks that.  Did you know that their hairs protect them?  If you’ve seen fluffy moth in Venezuela, that may have been a poodle moth.

Sasha Van Wijk


Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,  Principal


Outside Organisations

Scrumptious Home Baking:  Some of you will remember me from the famous “Angie’s Café” at the amazing BPS school Fair. Scrumptious Home Baking is a local home baking business run by two mums who are super passionate about baking. We bake fresh and to order, using high quality ingredients and free range eggs. We bake for lunch boxes, special occasions and morning teas. Gluten free baking available. See our website  We are looking forward to seeing you at the Matariki evening.


Taste for Colour Kid’s Term Art Classes, Ages 7 to 14, Begins 26 July, 4pm to 5pm.

Enrol your kid(s) in a fun, creative and artistic environment where they will learn about:

                  -      Colour Mixing – Shapes, Colour Technique and more! Week 1 & 2

                  -      Observational Art – How to paint from life observation. Week 3 & 4

                  -      Mixed Media Art – Fusion of paint & collage on canvas. Week 5 & 6

                  -      Self-Portrait – Representation of the artist by the artist. Week 7 & 8

All materials and a drink provided. The term is 8 weeks, $40 per class, or $250.00 for the term. Book now at or contact 480 0851 for more information.

June 16

posted Jun 16, 2017, 1:36 AM by Alison Bray   [ updated Jun 19, 2017, 3:11 AM ]

This year is certainly flying by - with just three weeks of school left this term. I have realised recently that, whilst we have had lots of bumps and scratches, we have had very few incidents of poor behaviour - the children are just out there, playing, having fun, and, it appears, looking after each other. Well done children - you are fantastic young citizens!

Te Reo-a-thon - Well done everyone!!

The children were all tested today on their pepeha (Introductions) and their kupu mahi (Verbs). They have had a lot of fun learning these - pretending to do the kupu mahi, with a partner telling their action in the reo. Teachers have felt extremely well supported with the Te reo-a-thon - tinopai to mahi, Kiriana.

Charlotte Tuala comments:  I really enjoyed the Te Reo-athon.  I think it’s interesting to learn Te Reo if you are from overseas as it tells you about Maori culture.


Staffing: Sadly, Mrs Sadler is finishing up at BPS at the end of Term Two. She has won a position at Wilson School, near Takapuna Grammar, working with older age group special needs students. Mrs Sadler has been a wonderful member of staff. She has always been an inclusive teacher, so we know that she will be very successful in this new role, and wish her all the best. She has been to visit Wilson School today. We have appointed Deni Jennings to take Room 3 through to the end of the year. Deni has been teaching overseas for a number of years, owns a home in Birkenhead, and is looking forward to working in the community.


Library and Resources Manager - We have appointed Amanda Davies to this role. Amanda  has always supported our Book weeks, and supported Mr Houghton and his work in the library.  We have just installed a new web-based Library and Resources database software on new computers. Amanda will work with Mr Houghton and Mrs Jones to get all the resources and library books up to date on this new system, but Amanda is also looking forward to making the library a great place for the children to come to.


Health and Safety: Dogs - we have had three recent incidents where dogs have defecated or urinated in the school grounds and the ‘faecal matter’ was not removed by the dog owner. It is hard to understand how this could have happened, and especially so if our rules were being followed. They are as follows:

Student safety is paramount. Dogs on school grounds are permitted but must be kept on a leash held by the parent at all times.  Dog owners are responsible for the behaviour of their dog, and must have full control of the dog at all times. They must take responsibility for any fouling, damage or injury caused by their dogs (which means that owners must have plastic bags on hand, just in case.)


Out of Zone enrolments for 2018:  Parents, if you live outside of the school zone and have a sibling of a current student turning five next year, please contact Elaine as soon as possible.

If you live within the zone and have a child turning five next year, please collect an enrolment form from the office.



22 June (Next Thursday) - PTA Disco

23 June - Kapa Haka group performance at Birkdale Intermediate Matariki Festival, 9.15.

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration

29 June - Share the Arts

3 July - Triangles for everyone except Room 2, who will be emailed soon about alternative dates. We will request that you pick up children at 12:30 on this day.  More information will follow.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Merlin Tisch & Isabella Choat,  Rm 2: Brooklyn Vaughn & Harry Levick, Rm 3:  Aisling O’Leary & Ollie Hall, Rm 4:  Lindsay Fam & Amber l’Ami, Rm 5:   Chris Rivera & Nikolai Ermuratski, Rm 6: Asher Hughes & Noah Kimura,  Rm 7: Toi Shepherd & Hannah Dalziel,  Rm 9: Carl Li & Asha Akbar Muhsin, Rm 10:  Zach Bendall & Cronan Dooley, Rm 11:  Molly Osbourne & Zane Sarmad,  Rm 12:  Emma Lapuste & Miela Stantiall, Rm 13: Hannah Wilmot & Dijon Thin,  Rm 14: Chelsea Tilby & Romeo Meyer,  Rm 15 :  Luca Manga & Amelia Stanley, Rm 16:  Flynn Gower & Valerie Wen,  Rm 17:  Zach Ireland & Angelina Perkins, Rm 18:  Heath McConnell, Henry Lowe & Kaira Wohlfarth.


Panuku Museum visits - Next week the Panuku children will be going on their trip to the museum. The year 5s are now going on the Tuesday and the year 6s are now going on Wednesday. Children will need a packed lunch for that day.  If your Year 5 child usually gets a Pita Pit lunch on Tuesdays, please ensure that they have something else to eat on that day.


Library - Please can you check at home for any school library books.  We have many dozens of outstanding or missing books and would love them all back.  Ask your child to put their book into the yellow box at the issues desk in the Library. Thanks.


The first of the BPS Book Reviews is going to air on the Suzy & Friends radio show and video, this weekend. Unaiki Thein shares her review of the brand new book by Julie Pitman Hayes, Tawhirimatea – Song for Matariki.  Head to to find out how to tune in on either Saturday or Sunday morning and to find the YouTube channel.  


Miniball/Basketball:  'Play and Pay' forms are now available in the foyer and must be returned before the end of the term.


Congratulations to our latest Walking School Bus achievers:

50 Walks, Tag Only - Brooklyn Vaughan and Ava Wheatley.


BPS EZLUNCH: Pita Pit lunches delivered to your child every Tuesday - find out more, register and order at Convenient, delicious and fundraising for your school at the same time!


Our newest students in Room 5 have published some of their stories.

Have a great weekend and “Go Team New Zealand”.

Nigel Bioletti,  



Outside Organisations

Community Bushcare Day - This Saturday, 17th June, from 10am.  Paa Harakeke, Merrill Place off Eskdale Road, Birkdale.  Register your interest at or call 09 482 1172.  Weeding and planting 10am to midday with a BBQ at the end. Planters are encouraged to wear gumboots and bring gloves and a spade if they have one.

June 9

posted Jun 8, 2017, 5:13 PM by Alison Bray

Use of Places: This has been our topic over the past few weeks. We have been exploring different places around our kura. We discovered that some of these places have different people wanting to use them for different purposes - sometimes this causes problems! We also discovered that some places aren’t used that much at all. Other places aren’t really fulfilling their designed purpose. Throughout our inquiry we made observations about who uses places and what they are used for. We identified other people's perspectives and realised that people often think differently about places, and want to use places in different ways. We adopted different places around the school and inquired into how we can make improvements to the place or how it is used. We had to make sure that we thought about what EVERYONE wanted, not just ourselves. Now we are designing solutions. Some of us are looking at making rosters or timetables so that places are shared fairly, others of us are making models…some of us will need to conduct more interviews to see if our plans are possible.


Te Reo-a-thon - The children seem very positive about their reo, and are enjoying classroom practice time. They are also enjoying coming up to duty teachers, using their reo, and getting a ‘smiley face’ stamp. Parents - please encourage your children at home, especially their pepeha, and please have a think about gathering sponsorship. Don’t forget that the children will be tested next Friday. Can your child get 100%?


Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki - Kei te pakipaki/moe/oma/waiata ahau’; I am clapping/sleeping/running/singing.


Te Matariki Celebration Friday 30th June 5-7pm. Helpers wanted! Please email Toni: or Kiriana: if you can assist on the night in any capacity- for as little or as long as you like!


This promises to be a lovely evening - night walks through the Lawson reserve, stories, moko painting, food and coffee available, films, and a real highlight will be that the Birkdale Intermediate kapa haka group will be performing in the hall. This group is amazing, and always very popular at the Onepoto Festival. Please support the efforts of our organisers.  I am sure the children will really enjoy this special evening.



13 June, next Tuesday - 6pm for BOT meeting; 7:30 for P.T.A. meeting.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos - Sibling forms are available at the office. Please return by 3pm next Wednesday, June 14th.

22 June - PTA Disco

23 June - Kapa Haka group performance at Beachhaven Matariki Festival

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration

29 June - Share the Arts

3 July - Triangles for everyone except Room 2, who will be emailed soon about alternative dates. We will request that you pick up children at 12:30 on this day.  More information will follow.


Rippa Rugby:  The 64 children who went to the rippa tournament had a very successful day.  The weather was perfect, the teams all played their very best and were even given POD medals for each game!  Thanks to all the adults who assisted and visited; without you we would not have been able to go. Thanks to Mrs Sanders for organising this opportunity for the children.


Miniball / Basketball:  Notices will be going out next week for basketball (years 3 to 6) for the next semester, which is terms 3 and 4. If your child is not going to continue to play, then their uniform must be returned to the team manager.


Thursday gardening group:  This will be going ahead next Thursday after school.  Stay for as long as you wish, and children are welcome.  We meet outside the library just after 3pm.  All welcome and no expertise is necessary.


Art update: Year 3s are busy creating their own Monet inspired prints.  

Each child will have an array of personal prints on various backgrounds to take home plus we will have canvas group projects up for grabs in our Art Auction later in the year.  If you'd like to help with this school fundraiser we'd love more volunteers on board to promote, frame, label, pitch and be front of house over the Fiesta weekend!  Contact for further information.



Do you or your children suffer from Tech neck?  The effect of having your head forward when using phones and tablets can impact your spine and your overall health.  We have a brochure at the office from a local chiropractic practice which outlines the risks and offers safety tips. Please pick one up if you are concerned.


Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,



Outside Organisations

Special offer for our school for students and families to purchase tickets for our next home game taking place at The Trusts Arena Monday 12th June – SKYCITY Mystics vs Magic -  for the special rate of $10 per ticket.  Please find below the link for this offer.

You may need to put in a password and this would be ‘Deal’



June 2

posted Jun 1, 2017, 11:01 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Jun 2, 2017, 5:48 PM ]

Mihi nui o te ra ki te whanau.

No, we are not starting a North Shore branch of MOTAT. The fire engine you may have noticed near Logan’s shed, is one he is intending to buy if can be brought up to C.O.F. standard. On the boat front - Andrew Koolen has very kindly stripped out the motor, stern-drive and cabling. Thanks, Andrew. If you know of anyone who might be interested in buying these (I believe that it is a Holden V8 motor) please contact me. On Sunday, weather permitting, a small group of dads is going to start cleaning, tidying, making safe, and sealing and painting  the interior of the boat, before we locate it near the Junior Playground. If you have any oil based primer or undercoat that is surplus to requirements, please email me. 

Thank you to all children who brought a gold coin donation last Friday for Pink Shirt Day.  We raised a total of $311.80 for the Mental Health Foundation.  Well Done!  Thanks to Brigitte Tisch for the lovely photo.



15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos - see below

22 June - PTA Disco

23 June - Kapa Haka group performance at Beachhaven Matariki Festival

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration

29 June - Share the Arts


PhotoLife Studios will be visiting the school on Thursday, 15 June,  to take class photographs, individual photographs and also sibling photographs for enrolled students.  

NOTE: Request forms for sibling photographs are available now from the office.  These must be completed and returned by 3pm Wednesday 14 June. Payment can be made later, online.


Here are the latest awards for the BPS Walking School Bus:

50 Walks Tag Only - Merlin Tisch, Heloisa Modesto, Alexandre Modesto, Carter Cheetham, Peter Ovsiiko.

200 Walks Tag Only - Ethan King, Sam King, Caitlin King, Asher Hughes.

300 Walks Tag Only - Natasha Starr.

Birkenhead Primary is getting a bee hive! It is being installed by a NZ business called Bees Up Top. They rescue bees before the exterminator is called in and re-home them in urban areas in New Zealand, putting bees into schools for free. As well as saving the bees they want children to be educated about the importance of bees. For every 10 hives bought by the public, Bees Up Top will install one in a school for free and Birkenhead Primary School is top of the list. So, let’s get the word out there! You can help us get a hive in by this Summer by liking Bees Up Top Facebook and Instagram pages and sharing it on your home page. If you know anyone who is interested in getting bees, ask them to get in touch with Jessie from Bees Up Top! Her number is 0212033612

Art Update - We have changed the art display in Chelsea Paper Power, swing past and check out our Gordon Walters inspired prints created by our Year 5s.  Lily, Oliver and Kaira discovered the artwork on their way home from school yesterday and got to climb in the window with it! We are so lucky to have the support of Paper Power -  please support them back!

URGENT - RIPPA RUGBY:  The first rippa tournament is on 8 June, but at this stage we are unable to go due to lack of adult support.  Nearly 70 children have signed up, and only 3 adults have offered to assist.  It is imperative that we have at least ten adults assisting on the day.  You DO NOT need to umpire or coach, just be there as support and crowd control.  Umpires are provided, who also assist in coaching on the field. You can bus there and back with the children if you wish; an experience in itself!  Please email as soon as possible if you can help, as I do not want to have to pull some of the teams out.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Peter Ovsiiko & Evie Martin,  Rm 2: Maya Davies & Tayla Martin, Rm 3:  Ayan Jawaid & Ximon Van Den Berg, Rm 4: Irene Duneas & Daniel Warner, Rm 5:  Caleb Edwards &  Caleb Shanks, Rm 6: Olivia Morreau & Emily Podmore,  Rm 7: Carter Galletly & Vincent Quan,  Rm 9: Cohen Hughes & Ryan McPhee , Rm 10:  Ollie Johnstone-Bentley & Lilah Barton, Rm 11:  Abbey Rhodes & Girisha Raju,  Rm 12: Anirudh Srinivasan, Rm 13: Camryn Withers & Liam Podmore,  Rm 14: Toby Caro & Ciaran Dooley, Rm 15 : William Oh & Angus Moulton, Rm 16:  Angelina Lopes & Sarah Fagan-Oslawskyj,  Rm 17:  Tina Li & Devon Johnson-Bhana, Rm 18:  Jude Millar & Henry Lowe.


This week’s writing comes from Year 1 children in Room 3.

Yippee! Today I went to Subway and when I went to Subway it was raining lollies. I ate one and it healed my hurt.

Hazel Gazzard

My plane got broken and it was a disaster and I felt sad.

Zach Gillard


My Autumn Leaf

It is wet and soft

It's got holes

It feels like lettuce,

It looks like it has scales and it's brown.

Theo Mataitonga


Have a great weekend,

Nigel Bioletti, 


Northcote Intermediate enrolment information:

Tuesday, 20 June - Information Evening – 7.00pm – 8.00pm Parents and caregivers are invited to an Information Evening. There will be brief presentations by select staff and an opportunity to ask questions.

Thursday, 10 August - Open Days at the school from 9.00am – 12.00pm

Friday, 11 August, Thursday, 17 August, Friday, 18 August -    Open Day - Please come to the School Office on arrival and some of our students will take you on a guided tour.

Monday, 21 August & Monday, 11 Sept - Enrolment Weeks.  Enrolments are undertaken by appointment. Enrolment appointments are 15 minutes long and can be made by phoning the School on 481-1400.

May 26

posted May 25, 2017, 11:08 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 25, 2017, 11:15 PM ]

Today is 2017 Pink Shirt Day to support anti-bullying awareness. Children and staff have dressed in pink and donated a gold coin to support this fantastic cause. Staff had a pink morning tea. Well done everyone, fantastic effort, and special thanks to Panuku children for getting into the spirit of the day. Brigitte came up and took a photograph of the whole school. Look out for it on our Facebook page soon. 

Welcome to Chinatsu Nishida, a high school teacher from Japan, who is volunteering with us for four weeks. She is spending the four weeks with Mrs Gerin and Miss McMenamin, and students. 

Yesterday, our Year 6 Badminton Teams entered an Inter-school tournament at the Forrest Hill Badminton Centre. Both teams played their ‘little socks off’, displayed fantastic sportsmanship and did the school proud. A big thank you to those parents who helped out on the day and also our thanks to Mrs Sadler for coaching and managing the teams. 


15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos. 

22 June - PTA Disco 

23 June - Kapa Haka Group performance at Beach Haven Matariki Festival 

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration, see below 

29 June - Share the Arts 

Important Health and Safety request! 

Head lice - We are aware that head lice are a continuing problem within the school. Whilst we do send home notices to those classes where head lice have been reported, we ask parents not to assume that this applies to someone else’s child and ask that you check your own child and entire family each week. It appears that some ‘off the shelf’ treatments may not work and that head lice can be quite resilient to the standard treatments. Once treated, please check regularly for any sign of re-infection. If we believe your child has head lice during the school day, we will continue to contact parents and ask that your child be collected immediately, treatment sought and applied before returning to school. It is suggested that you discuss any problems or issues regarding products to use, with your pharmacist. We ask all families to fully support our efforts to minimise the risk of head lice spreading throughout our school community. 

Year 2 students have stepped inside a Georgia OKeeffe painting and described all that they can see! 

“I can see a dragon’s burning hot flame shooting across the tall green mountain tops into a shimmery splashing blue waterfall. Shiny little green hills surround the fire. I know that this is really just a Georgia O'Keeffe flower. " 

By Roxanne Room 6 Her artwork is just beautiful, close up flowers, so detailed your imagination can't help but wander. As you can see from Roxanne's writing. 

We have started the next Art Auction project- canvas paintings in in the style of this artist, already looking good, they will be on display in the office soon enough, for all to see! 

PTA Te Reo-a-thon: Our PTA academic fundraiser is underway. There are great prizes to be won so now is the time to start learning and collecting sponsors for this fun event. Kia kaha ki te ako! Check out for more details. 

Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki - ‘Kei te aha ahau?’ - ‘What am I doing?’ 

You might be able to use this phrase during the Te Reo-a-thon, with children supplying the answer. 

Congratulations children- It was amazing to see so many of our BPS children running The Active Soul Booblicious 5km last weekend. Some good strong fast finishes which was impressive to watch! Amount raised still TBC but well over $1500 to both NZBCF and Hospice! 

Have a great weekend, 

Nigel Bioletti, Principal 

Outside Organisations: 

Birkenhead Library will be closed for maintenance work from Wednesday 7th June to Monday 19th June. There is no building access to the general public during this time. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. Please note that Glenfield Library and Northcote Library will be open at the usual times. We will be reopening on Monday 19th June at 9am. 

If you have any questions in relation to this matter please phone (09) 3010101 and ask for Birkenhead Library. developing Skills for Life...for kids. We are a performing arts company that has dance and drama classes for students between the ages of 4-18years old. We teach Dance, Drama and Singing to Kiwi kids. Bookings for TERM 2 are still open. Phone: 0800 736 766 or Email: Website 

Special Offer - Our school has been offered the opportunity for students and families to purchase tickets for the next home game taking place at the North Shore Events Centre next Wednesday 31st May – SKYCITY Mystics vs Central Pulse for the special rate of $10 per ticket - 

May 19

posted May 18, 2017, 9:35 PM by Alison Bray

Yesterday our students were treated to a performance of ‘Maui Me Te Ra’ by the Auckland Theatre Company.  The cost of this performance is included in the Activities fee for the year.  

The Touring Co-ordinator commented on the fact that our students were so well behaved and were really engaged in the show.  This is fantastic feedback- Well done all!

Matariki begins 25th June, 2017.  Matariki is the Māori name for the Pleiades, a star cluster in the constellation Taurus. Pleiades, the Greek name for the cluster, comes from seven sisters of Greek legend, the daughters of Atlas and Pleone. This is reminiscent of the Māori and Pacific stories that say Matariki is a mother surrounded by her six daughters.

The cluster is internationally recognised as it can be viewed from anywhere in the world, acting as a key navigation beacon for ocean voyagers as well as an important signal for seasonal celebration in many countries. In Greece, several major temples face straight towards Matariki, as does Stonehenge in England. In Japan, the Subaru brand is named after the Matariki stars.

Traditionally for Māori, when it appeared just before dawn in late May or early June it signalled the start of the Māori New Year. You can find help in locating the Matariki cluster here: Abeginner's guide to finding Matariki


A big Thank You to all  parents who have paid the Activity costs this year,  and also to those who have made a donation to the school.  We really do rely upon these payments to ensure that we can continue to provide all of the additional ’extras’ we do for all children at Birkenhead Primary School. We will be sending statements home shortly, with details/options for payment.

Thank you in anticipation.


Te Reo-a-thon - Please be ready for your children soon to bring home their Te Reo-a-thon pack. The team on Monday organised for some of the children to be photographed by Kirsten Foster, and videoed, carrying out each of the actions of the verbs (kupu) that form the learning for the a-thon. These will be available to help the children learn the correct pronunciations for the kupu. Well done all, and special thanks to Kirsten.

Health and safety  There has been some poor behaviour recently at the pedestrian crossing directly outside the school - children running across as soon as the signs begin to go out. We are monitoring this closely with parents on patrol. However, we also believe that some children are choosing to not use this crossing, but to use the crossings further down Mokoia Road. If they choose to run across these too, then an accident may well happen. Please reinforce the message that they should use ‘our’ crossing, and to be respectful and patient, so that everyone is safe.  To maintain the safety of this crossing we still need a parent to supervise the crossing on Thursday mornings. Please contact if you may be able to help.



26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Anti-bullying awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.

22 June – PTA Disco

26 – 30 June – Matariki celebration.

29 June - Share the Arts

 Our Whanake and Panuku Teams are participating in a dance programme run by the Claire Baxter Dance School.  This is part of the PE focus and the children will be learning hip hop inspired dance moves and will put together and perform their dance routine at the end of the five week programme.

Sports reminder:  Rippa Rugby pay and play slips/registration forms must be handed into the classroom teacher by 26 May 2017.  Forms are available in the office foyer.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1:Anna Bakewell-White & Liam Abbot ,  Rm 2: Sento Kodera & Nicole Ye, Rm 3:  Theo Mataitonga & Ella Reader, Rm 4:  Jemma Cawkwell & Daniella Maude, Rm 5:  Ollie Britten & Leo Kim, Rm 6: Freddy Ward & Sam King,  Rm 7: Charlie Mather & Joanna Wilde,  Rm 9: Tim Reshanov & Apoorva Roopesh, Rm 10: Will Fairhall & Larissa Currie, Rm 11:   Egor Grydasov & Penitani Vai,  Rm 12: Neve Keoghan & Varen Wilson, Rm 13: Eddie Latu & Aleona Kudryashova,  Rm 14: Nikau Davies & Liberty Armstrong,  Rm 15 : Luca Manga & Magnolia Barker, Rm 16:  Vacky Oh & Joaquin Beck ,  Rm 17:  Kaihono Sassen & Lucas Dobler, Rm 18:  Aria Davies & Oliver Way.


Birkdale Intermediate School OPEN EVENING - Parents and prospective students are cordially invited to attend Thursday, 25 May, repeated on Wednesday 31 May, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  The tour will start in the theatre.  Phone 4839168 for more information.


This week’s writing is from a Year 5 student in Ms Little’s ELL group.

Hey!  Have you ever scored a goal?  Well I have!  Someone passed me the ball.  I dribbled the ball.  I was running towards the goal.  The other team were chasing me, I could see the goal.  The goalie had his hands up high.  He was moving left and right.  I was shaking because I might not score.  Suddenly I saw the other team behind me.  Then I kicked the ball as hard as I could.  The goalie was too busy talking and I scored!!

By Martin Hu  

And from a Year 2 student in Room 4:

My Cat

I have a cat. She has fur the colour of cookies and cream and when she purrs it sounds like music. When she looks at me her face looks like a golden heart. She is so kind to me. When I am lonely she is there to help me. Whenever she cuddles me she remembers to put her claws in. Her name is Dali and I love her to pieces.

By Albie Larsen

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,



Outside Organisations

Birkenhead Artisan Market: Birkenhead Artisan Market is happy to be supporting Hospice North Shore. Browse, buy, eat and drink and support this amazing charity all in one place. Highbury Community House, 110 Hinemoa Street. 20 May, 9am - 1pm. for more info.


May 12

posted May 11, 2017, 4:59 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 11, 2017, 5:33 PM ]


As advised, we have had the Education Review Office team at school this week. They have talked with Alice, Nicki, Rachel, Angela, and myself, met with Trustees, visited each of the teams with the Senior leaders, talked with teachers and the children in some classes, talked with parents, checked documents, and engaged in a lot of discussion with us about what we are doing and how we know we are making a difference.  They gave verbal feedback to the Board yesterday afternoon. The three officers have made many, many very positive comments about the school, and we feel that the report, when it is published in July, will be a very good one. This is due to the fantastic work of the Board, Alice and our three Senior Leaders, the total staff (teachers, teacher aides, office team, Logan), the support of parents for their children’s learning, and for all of the school’s activities and events, and, is also due, of course, to the 430 fantastic children we have at the school, who welcomed the team, and were able to talk with them about their learning and their involvements.  Thanks everyone, and well done.


Woodcarving Festival - Parents - If you have a little time tomorrow, your children might like to visit the LakeHouse Arts Centre in Fred Thomas drive -  to see the 2017  Wood Craft Festival - carvers will be starting their wood sculptures - great to watch, and will be working through the coming week to see if they can take out a prize - works will be completed by 3pm Sunday 21 May.


Good news - we were delighted this week to receive a grant of $38,000 from the Lion Foundation - through the Birkenhead Licensing Trust - which will pay for our one day per week counselling service for the year ahead, and approximately $20,000 on IT gear and gadgets. This is the fifth year the Licensing Trust has supported these two elements of the School operation, and we are very fortunate. We know how much you value access to our Counsellor, and we all know how much the children like being able to work on their gadgets.

But: I now have to advise you that Liz, who has been our School Counsellor since 2012, has decided to finish up this week. She needs to lighten her Counselling load, and, naturally, wishes to focus on her private practice. It has been a privilege to have Liz work with us. She has been hugely supportive of staff, parents, and children, and we will miss her. We do envisage that we will soon have a new Counsellor in place.


Health & Safety:  School begins at 8.50am promptly when the roll is taken.  If your child is absent for any reason, please let the Office know, either by email: absence, or by leaving a message on the ‘absence line’- ph 4807365.

If your child is late to school, please ensure that they come to the office before going to class so that we can mark the roll accordingly.

Contact details:  If any of your personal details have changed, please remember to advise us so that we can ensure we have the correct information on hand.

Can you help?  We are looking for a parent to supervise our Y6 children on crossing patrol on Thursday mornings, from 8.20 until 8.40am. If you think you may be able to help, please contact

Some News from Mr Smith:  One of my firefighter mates has been walking from the bottom of the North Island and will reach the Sky Tower on Saturday morning to climb the stairs with over 1000 firefighters. I will be joining him from tomorrow and walking through Friday night until Saturday morning, when we will reach the sky tower in our fire gear. It’s a great cause raising support for leukemia and raising awareness about depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with first responders.  The firefighters sky tower climb will be live streamed from 6am tomorrow.



26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Autism awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.

22 June - PTA Disco

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration, more information will follow

29 June - Share the Arts


P.T.A. Update - It’s all go for the PTA team:

School Disco - We need a First Aider for the school disco - 6pm to 8pm on the 22nd of June. Please email Nigel if you can help.

Art Auction: If you have any picture frames you no longer need, would you be willing to donate them to us? We would like to be able to frame some of the children’s artwork for the Art Auction later in the year. Please bring to the Office if you can help.

And, the Te Reo-a-thon is coming together nicely, and will be a wonderful challenge and learning opportunity for the children (and teachers and parents???)

Matariki Celebration evening - Parents, this promises to be a wonderful evening, with a whole lot of fun activities for the children - but will definitely need parent support. Please note that you do not need to be Maori or have been in the school for a long time to assist with the event team - we just need a crew with energy, enthusiasm and skills.  If you are interested, please email Toni Shepherd at right now with your contact details.  We will then go ahead and try to coordinate your skills and talent and invite you to our next planning meeting.


SportsHockey, Years 1, 2 & 3 – DON’T MISS OUT!  Fun Sticks is aimed at pre-primary grade players and new entrants – Year 1, 2 & 3 (ages 5 – 7).  Have fun, play, learn, explore and make new friends!!  The programme runs during Term 2 & 3. Registrations now open.  There is a 2 week trial period available at the beginning of each programme: Shepherd’s Park Wednesday afternoons (start 24 May) or Harbour Hockey Saturday mornings (start 20 May).  Register on the Harbour Hockey website: and click onto ‘Participation Programmes’.

Rippa Rugby - Forms are available for rippa rugby in the foyer.  Please ensure both the white and yellow forms are completed, and returned, along with $20.  Please remember that teams will not be able to be entered unless there are sufficient adults, which is not the case at present.  Email Joss Sanders if you are able to assist, but have not ticked the appropriate box (


Year 2 children in Room 7 had a Mystery Box and had to use their sense of touch and hearing to figure out what the objects were.

The Mystery Box

Tick tock. The mystery object is clicking. I wonder what it is? I think it's a hair clip because it is silky smooth and hard.

By Ben Kenrick

Clang, bang, clack! That's what I heard. I felt hard metal as cold as ice. It felt like a dog lead because I felt hard chain.

By Noah Nicolson

Room 12 (Year 4) read the big book "The Amazing Machine". After they read it, they designed their own amazing machines, and then wrote descriptions about the machines and their functions.  After this, they planned a way to actually make their amazing machines. They drew our plans, collected their materials and resources, and then got creating and making. Sometimes they were able to stick to their plan, at other times they needed to change what they were doing to solve a problem. As their grand finale, they'll be hosting our whole school assembly this Friday...can you guess the theme?


ASB SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP VOUCHER - ASB are continuing with the $500 School Sponsorship Voucher scheme. If any parent, staff member or member of the school community draws down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate to our school.

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti, Principal



Outside Organisations

ST ANDREW’S COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE: Saturday 20 May 10am – 1pm at the church, 172 Hinemoa Street (corner of Mariposa Crescent).  Household goods, bric-a-brac, clothing, jewellery, plants, face painting and BBQ.  Bring the family along!  Tables can also be hired to sell goods – only $15 – phone Hilary 0274 787 127 to book.

Birkdale Intermediate School OPEN EVENING -  Parents and prospective students are cordially invited to attend on Thursday, 25 May or Wednesday 31 May from 7:00 pm  -  9:00 pm. Our students will be happy to show you around the school.  The tour will start in our theatre.

May 5

posted May 4, 2017, 5:22 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 4, 2017, 5:26 PM ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I trust that you enjoyed some special family time during the holiday. The children have settled back into learning and friendships. Mr Smith spent the break working on a wall to divide the Room 5 area into two learning spaces.  This week he has had some help from Room 5 children, who have been watching his progress with interest.  Room 5 spent yesterday in the Library while Mr Smith was working in their room.

5 building 1.jpg

5 building 2.jpg

ERO Visit - We have an Education Review Office team at school next week. They will be looking at our Teaching and Learning, talking to the children and teachers, and looking at the way we do things generally. I think we are well placed for a good review, thanks to a very committed team, and a lot of good work over the past few years.


Health and Safety

Road safety - on Monday, a small group of Year Three children were seen to cross Mokoia Road without using a crossing. I do not know at this stage who they were, but can you please reinforce the message that the children should always use a crossing, even if they see adults not doing so. With the number of drivers who text whilst driving along Mokoia Road, I believe this has would involve a significant risk.

Parking- You may notice that Logan has numbered all of the carpark spaces. This is an attempt to ensure a known parking space for all of the staff. There are still two 10 minute parking spaces near the hall and gateway if you need to pick up a sick child, drop off a lunch, etc.

Please talk to your child/ren about not walking through the top carpark before and after school.  Please encourage tham to use the Pergola entranceway which is much safer.


Te Reo-a-thon  

Do you love event planning, creating magnificent fliers, collecting money, story telling, stuffing envelopes or boosting the morale of others?  Or perhaps you simply  have a few hours a week to spare.  All offers of assistance in creating two memorable school event,  our Te Reo athon and Launch and our Matariki Celebrations, would be most welcome.  Please note that you do not need to be Maori or have been in the school for a long time to assist with the event team - we just need a crew with energy, enthusiasm and skills.  If you are interested, please flick Toni Shepherd an email at right now with your contact details.  We will then go ahead and try to coordinate your skills and talent and invite you to our next planning meeting.



8-12 May - ERO visiting the school.

26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Autism awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.


Congratulations to the Principal’s Award winners from last term’s final assembly:

Rm 1: Kristian Meys & Falah Zafiri,  Rm 2: Ava Wheatley & Sasha Young, Rm 3:  Amy Gao & Oli Gerin, Rm 4:  Kees Roelink & Albie Larsen, Rm 5:  Lawson Munn & Viliami Vai, Rm 6: Jimmy Duff & Archie Shanahan,  Rm 7: Amy Moore & Tawai Davies,  Rm 9:  Charlotte Hancock & Eloise Lyle, Rm 10:  Riley Sinnock, Rm 11:  Isaac Hung & Holly Walters,  Rm 12:  Sophie Smith & Issy Bakewell-White, Rm 13: Lily Hill & Elvis Ye,  Rm 14: Ava Lloyd & Agnes Stephens,  Rm 15 :  Joni Dickinson & Tamsin Mowat, Rm 16:  Will Ashley & Seanna Watson,  Rm 17:  Leonie Aguilar Berger & Aisha Kim, Rm 18:  Ollie Macomber & Zoe Nicolson.

BPS EZLUNCH: Pita Pit lunches delivered to your child every Tuesday - find out more, register and order at Convenient, delicious and fundraising for your school at the same time!

This week’s writing is from a Y4 English Language Learner from Vietnam.

In the holidays my family and I went to the ferry wharf.  My dad and I were fishing, my sister and my mum were looking.  My little fishing rod had a fish!  I pulled my fishing rod up, the fish jumped.  I shouted, “Dad! I have a fish!”  My dad said, “Good girl!”  Later I had six more fish.  Torie said, “Sister, can I try?”  When she tried, the fish jumped down to the water again.  But, finally, she tried and it was right.  “You did it, Torie!” said Mum.  What was my mum doing?  She was reading her book.  I loved this day.

By Surie Ton - Mr B. - Well done Surie - this is a great recount of a really fun time for your family!!

And this thoughtful piece of writing is from from a Year 6 Student in Room 15:


It's Not A Planet, Its Our Home

A ginormous spinning sphere of jade and sapphire spins through black emptiness as stars made of fiery gas look down at it. A mass of deep blue dominates the planet scattered with green, and surrounding seven shapes of dark emerald. Tiny and insignificant when compared to the others, a small country stands on its own, looking isolated and especially small.


Bush and forests create small sanctuaries to escape from the bustling cities as cars flash past the tall buildings. As people from different cultures lounge on the hot sandy beaches, sparkling ocean waves cascade onto white-gold sand.


At school kids play and run screaming in joy. As children learn in their decorated classrooms with their fabulous teachers, some tend to the gardens and look after the school’s environment. “Tag!” Kids shout as they play games and run down the hill to the field were others play soccer, a popular sport. This is where I live, this is where we all live. It’s not just a planet, it’s so much more than that. This is Earth, and it’s our home.  

By Amelia Stanley    - Amelia - this is a fantastic piece of writing - Well done. Mr B.

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,


Outside Organisations

What do you do with… a bike with dodgy brakes; a toaster with a damaged cord; a sweater with holes? Bring them along to a Repair Café – a free pop up event where local volunteer experts share their knowledge and do their best to repair your items.  Small Electrical Appliances – Bikes – Clothes – Toys - Small pieces of Furniture.  Birkenhead Primary School Hall, Sat 6th May 10am-1pm  For more info: or 022 0499 282              


Active Soul's annual BOOBLICIOUS 5K EVENT is coming up on Sunday 21st May to raise funds and awareness for NZBCF and Hospice charities.  It would be great to see our BPS families pounding the pavements and enjoying their bacon and egg buttie IN PINK on the day!  $45 per person (730am departure from Bungalo Cafe for both runners or walkers) or $100 for the team of 3 with a gold coin donation on the day for children. Deposit donations into the following Active Soul account 38-9010-0231196-00 with your name and BOOBS as reference and register by emailing Spread the word, get involved and we'll look forward to seeing you there!! 

April 13

posted Apr 12, 2017, 5:54 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Apr 13, 2017, 11:47 PM ]

Triangles - thank you parents for coming to school to share a special time with your children and their teachers.  I hope that you found the time informative, and affirming.

356 triangles were actually booked on-line, but a number of additional triangles were arranged - probably meaning that 87% of children were involved.  If there is anything you thought of after your triangles, please email your child’s teacher. Thanks parents for picking your children up at the earlier time, and thanks to our staff team for making sure the children were set up. As it is somewhat a staff tradition, after the last triangle had finished, a number of us went next door to Sagar restaurant for dinner.

Parents - the PTA has purchased a boat - not to take parents and children out on fishing trips - but to be installed near the Junior playground as a play space. We will be picking the boat up during the break, and will then need to remove the boat’s motor, sterndrive, remove cables etc, tidy, paint, and then set it up in its position, and build a soft fall surround. If you are able to help us with any of this work - help with workshop space for a short period of time so that some of this work can be done under cover; gear to lift the  motor out etc -  then please email me. It would be great to have some of the children help out too - sanding the boat down etc.


Term 1 finishes today - Thursday:

        2:00pm Tuatara Whanau is hosting our end of Term Assembly

        3.00pm -  School finishes at usual time.

ANZAC Day - 25th April

School restarts on May 1st.

Hall doors - we are looking at how we can make the hall more secure, and children safer when at the hall, during the school day, and during SKIDS. At present the hall doors outside the verandah gateway are often left open. We would like everyone (coaches, teachers, parents) to keep these doors shut. Access to the hall should be from inside the gateway, and ventilation should be by windows rather than the doors.

Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki: ‘Ka pai hoki koe!’ which means ‘Good on you!’

I’m sure that many of the children deserved that last night.

Art Update from Miss Houghton

Our children are producing some amazing artwork with Miss Houghton and it is great to see our finished works out in the community.  We currently have an installation in the Paper Power window ready for ANZAC day; an array of beautiful masks in Bungalo that will be sold as part of our PTA Art weekend fundraiser later in the year; and these fan pictures that were recently exhibited at TEMP.  If you would like to be involved in any part of the organisation for our BPS Art Fiesta please register your interest by clicking on the following link.

Zoom car biscuits

Room 2 (Ms Couldry) tamariki showed me how to make pretty zoom cars out of biscuits and marshmallows.  Brooklyn, Tayla and Lana explained the connection to the sounds they had been learning - ‘z’ and ‘m’.


Angus (Year 6, Sarah Bassett’s Writing Group) designed a submarine to carry out deep sea research.  He created a prototype and explained its special features.  It’s  impressive the way these different features matched the purpose of the vessel.  

My Submarine Design

I wanted to make my own submarine because I am reading the book

20,000 Leagues under the sea. My favourite part of the book is a fight between a colossal squid, a great white shark and a humpback whale. My submarine design is for deep-sea research. It will be used for researching creatures like the colossal squid.The vessel will be made out of steel. It will have a glass bottom so you can view creatures below. The submarine moves through the water by propellers. It has giant wheels that are made to go on the ocean floor. Pedals turn the wheels. It has a periscope to view above the water. It has a see through dome on top for looking at fish.

By Angus Moulton

One of our new migrant children writes about her experience of living in New Zealand.  Heloisa Modesto (Year 4, Room 13) is originally from Brazil and her first language is Portuguese.

When Mum and Dad said that we were going to live in New Zealand I was very happy.  When I got to my new house I went everywhere, running.  I went zoom, zoom, zoom.  At night I like going outside with my Mum.  We like to see the stars up in the sky.  The first day at school was a very lovely day.  I can remember it with all my heart.  The first day of school is when I met Chiara and Sequoia and I loved this day.

BPS EZLUNCH will resume next term.   Pita Pit lunches delivered to your child every Tuesday - find out more, register and order at Convenient, delicious and fundraising for your school at the same time!

Have a safe and happy holiday

Nigel Bioletti


Outside Organisations

Birkenhead Artisan Market - Easter Saturday 9am - 1pm at Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street. Come and browse the exciting stalls and bring the kids to the Easter craft activity. Food & drink, crafts, jewellery, home decor, re-purposed items, beauty & wellbeing and much more...

Helen Coulam Swim School Introducing **NEW** BEGINNER LESSONS – INDOOR SMALL POOL @ Birkenhead Leisure, Mahara Ave.  Also, spaces available in afternoon sessions

in Osborne Pool (outdoor pool).  For bookings txt  Helen 021 712440

April 8

posted Apr 6, 2017, 3:16 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 3:20 PM ]

Board of Trustees Update

The Board of Trustees would like to thank all those who expressed an interest in taking up the vacant trustee role. The Board is happy to announce that Ms Charlotte Armstrong will join the BPS Board for the remainder of this year. The current Board members are now David Barker (Chair), Charlotte Armstrong, Jason Britten, Jo McDonald, Sam Perkins (all parent representative trustees), Rachel Grant (Staff trustee) and Nigel Bioletti (Principal). You can contact the Board by either speaking to a trustee or via email at

The Board would also like to thank all the staff for their efforts this term and the PTA for organising the wonderful, and absolutely packed, Camp at School night. It was great to see the School community coming together. Next term the school will undergo evaluation by ERO, the last time having been in 2014, and we would particularly like to thank the Senior Management team of the School for helping to prepare for this. Trustees have recently viewed the 2016 National Standards results for the School and were very impressed with the results in all areas. The Board will give further information about these results next term along with an update on future building and renovation work.

Congratulations to the following alumni, who have been appointed as prefects for 2017 at Northcote College. Well done, and best wishes to you all for a great 2017, and for the future!

Stella Blomfield - who has achieved with ‘Excellence’ in her Level One and Two N.C.E.A. assessments, and who achieved Scholarship English in Year Twelve.

Dong-hyun Kim - has also achieved Level 1 and 2 with ‘Excellence’, and who is studying English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics, with the intention of studying medicine.

Toni Schollum - also achieved with ‘Excellence’ at Level One and Two, and achieved Scholarship Chemistry last year. Toni wishes to do an engineering degree.

Vaisioa Vai - achieved Level 1 with ‘Merit’, and achieved Level Two last year. She won the College Prize for Te Reo Maori in Years 11 and 12.

Jolyon Walsh - achieved Levels One and Two with ‘Merit’. Jolyon is a talented musician, and intends tertiary study, in order to secure a career in the music industry.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ANY FAMILIES/CHILDREN DOING THE SHORE TO SHORE RUN EVENT.  For any extra information please visit  See map on page 3 of the newsletter.

“Due to severe weather conditions from Cyclone Debbie we are unable to use the fields at Takapuna Grammar School. In order to keep the event running, we have created a plan B for the start line and the revised map for this is attached. There a few key point to note:

- There is NO SEPARATE AREA FOR TIMED RUNNERS. All participants will start at the same time, but don’t worry your time won’t start until you cross the start line

- Access is from the school’s Main Gate off Lake Rd or off Winscombe Rd.

- Bus drop off will remain the same

- There is no field access at any time

- Please be patient and listen to directions of marshals and staff at all times. We are working hard to make the event enjoyable for everyone! Any questions, please get in touch.  Chris Wade, Sports Capability Team- Phone: +64 27 481 1480

DJ opportunity - We are looking for a DJ for the School Disco coming up on June 22nd, and who can play good fun music for our kids! Please email me if you can help us out.

Lost Property - our bin of unclaimed items, located by the Library door, is overflowing!  Please check for any missing garments as soon as possible.  Any leftover items will be donated to charity at the end of the term.

Staff Car Parking: From next term, spaces in the school staff carparks will be numbered.  Each number will be allocated to a staff member.  In the mornings, if you are dropping your child off at SKIDS,  or for a sports practice, please use the 10min parks.  Please do not use a numbered space.  If you are visiting the school on school business, you must sign in at the office. Again, you may use the 10 min parks.  The Bowling Club has asked us to inform parents that you may drop your children off in their carpark in the mornings when there is no tournament on. THIS IS STRICTLY  for 10min only.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki: 'Kei te aha koe?'  -  'What are you doing?'



April 10 - BOT Meeting

April 11th - Triangles for Term One- school will finish at 12.30pm.  Online bookings close today. Please return your Supervision slip if your child will remain at school until 3pm.

April 12 - Whanake trip to Pumphouse for Puff the Magic Dragon show

April 13th (Thursday)- Term 1 ends- 3.00pm  Easter and Anzac Day both fall within the holidays.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Belle Zhou & Isabella Choat,  Rm 2: Caelan Scott & Tunnyatonn Pongjak, Rm 3:  Isabella Hill & Aida Thompson, Rm 4:  Jasmine Arabshahi & Jack Bradford, Rm 5:   Charisse Lim & Lucas Clayton, Rm 6: Nico Wickenden & Seaton Reavill,  Rm 7: Tawai Davies & Anna Zapisetskaya,  Rm 9:  Louis Tongue & Kiki Su, Rm 10:  Jack Armour & Isla Lawrence, Rm 11:  Sophia Littlewood & Minerva Armstrong,  Rm 12: Kieran O’Flynn, Rm 13: Campbell Davies & Kayla Taylor Gallagher,  Rm 14: Jacob Stanley & Arshia Kothiwala,  Rm 15 :  Amber Adradi & Arhaan Muhsin, Rm 16: Hannah McPhee & Rebekah Elizondo ,  Rm 17:  Seren Langford & Chris Kenrick, Rm 18:  Zimo Li & Morgan Booth.

Health & Safety alert:  The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has advised us of a mumps outbreak in Auckland. More than 35 cases have been confirmed so far and more than half of these are occurring in children and teens aged 10-19 years. Parents are urged to check with their doctors to ensure their families’ measles mumps and rubella vaccinations are up to date.  Vaccination is free and it will protect your child and the community.

Sports – Rippa rugby: Notices have gone out to year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children interested in the 3 day tournament over terms 2 and 3.  They are available in the foyer, along with the white rugby registration forms, which must be completed and returned at the same time with payment, by 26 May.

Holiday Hockey Programme:  There is a 'Hooked on Hockey' holiday programme available for years 1-8.  Check the North Harbour Hockey Association website for details.


CSI Barrow:  Look out for the barrow on the last day of the term.  Get delicious fresh feijoas, pumpkin etc for your holiday weekend, along with kawakawa balm.  Gold donations accepted.


EZlunch: There will be no Ezlunch next Tuesday, 11 April, due to school finishing at 12.30pm for Triangles.  Service resumes as normal next term.

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti, 


Outside Organisations

Well done to the students who started music lessons at school this term with the Music Education Centre.  There are some spaces available for new students to start next term particularly for guitar and piano. Please contact the Music Education Centre on 0800893939.

GUITAR LESSONS are available at Birkenhead School, through Dave Gatman from Musiqhub.  If you would like to enrol your child to start Guitar Lessons in Term 2, please contact Dave on 021 2221456 or  Or for more information, please visit Thank you.

School Holiday Program - The Little Well Beings Studio in Birkdale has some wonderful holiday activities planned for kids. You can try your hand at making things like flower seed bombs, beaded bubble wands and mini glass terrariums. Check out   for more details.

M Sports (Football Kidz) Easter Holiday Football Camps - Register Your Child: Go to, click ‘register your child’, ‘holiday programmes’, then ‘book now’ at the bottom of the page. Book your child’s place now as numbers are limited.  Queries: Contact or visit our website

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