August 3

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Our school values  At last week’s assembly Room 6 (Year 3/4) presented a class item on colouring the world with kindness.  This   relates well to the concept of Manaakitanga, especially the aspects of showing Care and Respect, two of our key school values. Room 6 tamariki have also made love stones as a caring gesture.  The stones are hidden around the school to brighten the day of the finder,  who  then hides  the  stone  again for someone else.  Tino pai Mrs G-M, tino pai Room 6 for showing the school values through your actions!

Te Reo - It was quite a delight to hear Room 10 tamariki speaking simple te reo phrases confidently and fluently.   Also pleasing to see were the tuakana–teina relationships between Room 10 (Year 3) and Room 2 (Year 1) as the older children patiently taught the younger ones simple questions and answers, e.g. Ko wai tō ingoa? (What is your name?)  Ko____ tōku ingoa  (_____ is my name).  I took that opportunity to brush up on my te reo too!  Thank you Mrs Teague and Room 10!  Thanks also to Jane Arrowsmith, Māori curriculum leader, for preparing the Term 3 te reo unit plan and activity pack, and running a staff development session last Tuesday.

Māori Consultation Meeting - We have started a review process on te reo and tikanga Māori learning at our school,  and have developed a plan to better support the language, culture and identity of our Māori children.  I appreciate the help from our leaders, Jane Arrowsmith, Allyson Rees, Nicki Gerin and Rachel G-M to drive the review and draft the development plan.   There will be a Māori consultation meeting next Wednesday at 6 pm.  Please check your child’s school bag for the separate notice sent home today and return the RSVP slip as soon as possible.  The Board and I look forward to seeing you there.

Writing - I very much enjoyed watching the writing process in Room 1 (Year 1 with Mrs O’Connor) and hearing the children’s stories.  Kees wrote about hearing rumbling thunder and the banging sounds of hail on his roof.  He checked his story and noticed an extra “the hail”, so he crossed them out.  Amber’s story was about moving house.  She read what she wrote and added a detail about the fireplace and heater in her new house.  Ka pai for understanding that good writers revise and edit as they write!

 Ngā mihi


IMPORTANT: Rippa Rugby tomorrow, Thursday, has been postponed to next Tuesday, 9 August

9 August - Rippa Tournament

10 August - Maori Consultation Meeting, 6.00 -6.45pm in Room 14

10 August - Board of Trustees meeting,  7.00pm

26 August - Daffodil Day

2 September - Whole school cross country

3 September - PTA Band Night ‘Soul Agents’, 7.30pm- see separate flyer

13 & 14 September – Panuku Production

23 September - Term 3 ends


2017 Enrolments  To assist with our planning for next year, please make sure that you have enrolled your child if they will be turning five, either this year or in 2017.  Siblings of current students who are living outside of the school zone MUST apply for an out of zone place for 2017 by completing an application form as soon as possible. Please contact Elaine for further information.

BPS Walkway:  Please  read the Conservation Volunteers notice that was attached to the last newsletter.  If you need further information, contact

Kawakawa Balm:  A new batch of our amazing organic balm is ready for sale at the office for $2.  Made at BPS, by BPS and with BPS kawakawa leaves.  It is a cure-all for your skin ailments and a must for your first aid kit.  

Year 5 Piha Camp:  Interested parents, if you haven't  already  done so, please reply to

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 2: Taylor Birss, Rm 3:  Marina Geric & Ben Kenrick, Rm 4: April Sullivan, Bonnie Hu & Carl Li, Rm 5:   Lucca Field & Isabella Choat, Rm 6:  Sophie Hughes, Rm 8:   Abbey Rhodes, Rm 9:  Logan Elias, Rm 10:   Alexander Hui, Rm 11:  Cohen Hughes,  Rm 12:  Heath McConnell, Rm 13: Hilda Xu,  Rm 14:   Wayne Tian, Rm 15  Alexis Cook, Rm 16:  Angus Moulton,  Rm 17:  Andrew Chen.

This week’s writing comes from a Year 5 student in Room 16.

 “Rooar!” yelled the lion. I disturbed its slumber as I was walking by. I needed to sprint or I was a goner. Beat, beat, beat, my heart was thumping. My legs were slowing down. I tried to keep it up. I didn’t know how I had got into this mess. I thought I had stumbled into a real hornet’s nest. Well I probably deserved it anyway because I was hunting for their kind.

I looked behind me, shivering. My heart suddenly stopped for five seconds and then started beating again. Gosh, I thought, that lion was catching up.  It was either me slowing down or him getting faster. Sadly I  just found out that I was  slowing down because I had just run into quicksand. I hoped I didn’t run into more lions because one of them was quite enough. Suddenly I tripped over a rock and the lion started to chase me and he got closer and closer and closer and closer until he stopped and stared me in the eye. The lion stood on me and roared. I thought to myself, “I’m done for.” Suddenly I realised there were a couple of rocks around me as the lion roared. I threw a rock at its head and the lion got off me. I ran as fast as I could. Gosh, I hoped I would run into someone soon.  Rome Wells


From a Year 1 student in Room 1:

Yesterday I had a playdate with Archie and we played animals and lego.  After that we heard a footstep upstairs.  We screamed and ran up the stairs and down the stairs.  We ran to my mum and we screamed and screamed!  Noah Nicholson

 Have a wonderful week

Alice Ho

Acting Principal

Outside organisations

COMMUNITY PLANTING DAY, Eskdale Reserve, Glenfield, Sat 13 August, 9.30am start. Meet Glenfield Road, opposite Speedy Cres.  Join Kaipatiki Project to plant native trees on the fringes of Eskdale Reserve.  Bring a spade if you have one, all welcome.  Free BBQ for all planters thanks to Harcourts Cooper & Co Beach Haven.

Maths and English Tuition with NumberworksnWords. Phone now for an assessment and introductory lesson.  Ph 418-0950 or visit for information.

Rogaine in Duder Regional Park this Saturday - Rogaine is a combination of running or walking (your choice) combined with navigation and mystery activities.  Future events will be held at Shakespeare Regional Park and Riverhead Forest.  For more information go to