April 13

posted Apr 12, 2017, 5:54 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Apr 13, 2017, 11:47 PM ]

Triangles - thank you parents for coming to school to share a special time with your children and their teachers.  I hope that you found the time informative, and affirming.

356 triangles were actually booked on-line, but a number of additional triangles were arranged - probably meaning that 87% of children were involved.  If there is anything you thought of after your triangles, please email your child’s teacher. Thanks parents for picking your children up at the earlier time, and thanks to our staff team for making sure the children were set up. As it is somewhat a staff tradition, after the last triangle had finished, a number of us went next door to Sagar restaurant for dinner.

Parents - the PTA has purchased a boat - not to take parents and children out on fishing trips - but to be installed near the Junior playground as a play space. We will be picking the boat up during the break, and will then need to remove the boat’s motor, sterndrive, remove cables etc, tidy, paint, and then set it up in its position, and build a soft fall surround. If you are able to help us with any of this work - help with workshop space for a short period of time so that some of this work can be done under cover; gear to lift the  motor out etc -  then please email me. It would be great to have some of the children help out too - sanding the boat down etc.


Term 1 finishes today - Thursday:

        2:00pm Tuatara Whanau is hosting our end of Term Assembly

        3.00pm -  School finishes at usual time.

ANZAC Day - 25th April

School restarts on May 1st.

Hall doors - we are looking at how we can make the hall more secure, and children safer when at the hall, during the school day, and during SKIDS. At present the hall doors outside the verandah gateway are often left open. We would like everyone (coaches, teachers, parents) to keep these doors shut. Access to the hall should be from inside the gateway, and ventilation should be by windows rather than the doors.

Ko ta matou rerenga o te wiki: ‘Ka pai hoki koe!’ which means ‘Good on you!’

I’m sure that many of the children deserved that last night.

Art Update from Miss Houghton

Our children are producing some amazing artwork with Miss Houghton and it is great to see our finished works out in the community.  We currently have an installation in the Paper Power window ready for ANZAC day; an array of beautiful masks in Bungalo that will be sold as part of our PTA Art weekend fundraiser later in the year; and these fan pictures that were recently exhibited at TEMP.  If you would like to be involved in any part of the organisation for our BPS Art Fiesta please register your interest by clicking on the following link. http://eepurl.com/cHa3IT

Zoom car biscuits

Room 2 (Ms Couldry) tamariki showed me how to make pretty zoom cars out of biscuits and marshmallows.  Brooklyn, Tayla and Lana explained the connection to the sounds they had been learning - ‘z’ and ‘m’.


Angus (Year 6, Sarah Bassett’s Writing Group) designed a submarine to carry out deep sea research.  He created a prototype and explained its special features.  It’s  impressive the way these different features matched the purpose of the vessel.  

My Submarine Design

I wanted to make my own submarine because I am reading the book

20,000 Leagues under the sea. My favourite part of the book is a fight between a colossal squid, a great white shark and a humpback whale. My submarine design is for deep-sea research. It will be used for researching creatures like the colossal squid.The vessel will be made out of steel. It will have a glass bottom so you can view creatures below. The submarine moves through the water by propellers. It has giant wheels that are made to go on the ocean floor. Pedals turn the wheels. It has a periscope to view above the water. It has a see through dome on top for looking at fish.

By Angus Moulton

One of our new migrant children writes about her experience of living in New Zealand.  Heloisa Modesto (Year 4, Room 13) is originally from Brazil and her first language is Portuguese.

When Mum and Dad said that we were going to live in New Zealand I was very happy.  When I got to my new house I went everywhere, running.  I went zoom, zoom, zoom.  At night I like going outside with my Mum.  We like to see the stars up in the sky.  The first day at school was a very lovely day.  I can remember it with all my heart.  The first day of school is when I met Chiara and Sequoia and I loved this day.

BPS EZLUNCH will resume next term.   Pita Pit lunches delivered to your child every Tuesday - find out more, register and order at www.ezlunch.co.nz. Convenient, delicious and fundraising for your school at the same time!

Have a safe and happy holiday

Nigel Bioletti


Outside Organisations

Birkenhead Artisan Market - Easter Saturday 9am - 1pm at Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street. Come and browse the exciting stalls and bring the kids to the Easter craft activity. Food & drink, crafts, jewellery, home decor, re-purposed items, beauty & wellbeing and much more...

Helen Coulam Swim School Introducing **NEW** BEGINNER LESSONS – INDOOR SMALL POOL @ Birkenhead Leisure, Mahara Ave.  Also, spaces available in afternoon sessions

in Osborne Pool (outdoor pool).  For bookings txt  Helen 021 712440