August 10

posted Aug 9, 2016, 7:37 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Aug 28, 2016, 2:50 PM ]

Panuku Speeches 

Congratulations to all of our eight finalists in the Panuku Team Speech Finals, you all did a fantastic job and spoke really well.  Special Congratulations go to our three winners:

1st - Sean Star - ‘Fast food’

2nd - Sophie Farrell - ‘Dreams’

3rd - Hugo Fletcher - ‘Devices versus the outside world’

Sean and Sophie will present their speeches at our next whole school assembly, while Sean will represent our school at the APPA Cluster Speech Finals.  Thank you to parents who came along to enjoy the speeches and offer your support.  Ka pai to the rest of the Panuku tamariki for their hard work in preparing their speeches, and to the Panuku teachers.  Thanks also to Renae Kettle from Belmont Primary School and Yolande Choromanski from Birkdale Intermediate School for judging this year's competition.  


Reading in Room 2 - I joined Emmett, Carter, Lachlan, Freddie, and Mrs Rees in Room 2 (Y1) as they read a book about birds building nests. The children showed me how to be a good reader - they stopped when it didn’t make sense, and went back to fix it.  It was nice to feel that sense of whanaungatanga as the children worked together to figure out new words using letter sounds. Clever!


Māori consultation meeting - We would love to see you at the consultation meeting this evening, 6-6.40 pm in R14.


Health and Safety - Did you know that we have been revising and updating policies and procedures, identifying possible hazards, eliminating and minimising risks at school and on trips, and upskilling staff on  First Aid training, etc? My sincere thanks to Joss Sanders, Health and Safety Officer, for her ongoing work to keep our school, staff and tamariki safe.   Please reinforce the safety message with the children and support them to make safe choices


This Friday's assembly is run by Miss Houghton who will be highlighting the basics of art, various media and units covered by our students from NE - Y6, and a 'who am I' artist test  between staff, students and parents. We would love to see a great turn out of parents there also to learn more about what our kids do on an ART day with Miss H.

Please join us to support Daffodil Day on Friday 26th August.  Pikiake classes will be marking Daffodil Day with a stroll down to the Birkenhead Library and a short presentation of singing at 9:15 am.  We would love the children to dress in yellow, green or orange for this event and bring a gold coin.


Rippa Rugby Tournament

 Mrs Teague reports:

We're very proud of our BPS Rippa Rugby players who played hard and played fair as they represented our school yesterday. We had some wins and some losses, but most importantly we all had a fun day. Thank you to all the wonderful parents who helped make the day such a success. 

Important Reminders

2017 Enrolments - Have you enrolled your child if they are turning five next year?

 Lost Property - please check for any missing items in the blue bin by the library.

 Attendance - School starts at 8.50am each day. Please ensure that your child(ren) are at school on time so that they can have a good start to their day.  Please also remember to leave a message on the absence line (4807365), or email before 8.45am  if your child is going to be absent from school each day.


TONIGHT - Maori Consultation Meeting, 6.00 -6.45pm in Room 14

TONIGHT - Board of Trustees meeting, 7.00pm in the staffroom.

15 August - Work begins on the Memorial Walkway (please contact Mrs Sanders if you can help)

26 August - Daffodil Day, Pikiake classes will be singing at the Public Library

2 September - Whole school cross country

3 September - PTA Band Night ‘Soul        Agents’, 7.30pm

13 & 14 September – Panuku Production, “Twice Upon a Time”.

23 September - Term 3 ends

This week’s writing comes from some of our English Language Learners.

Snow Fun with my Mum

At my grandma’s house in Korea, there was so much snow that in winter we could only see the chimney.  My grandpa was making me a sled but it wasn’t finished so my mum bought me a sled.  The sled was green and it looked like a boat.  One cold, snowy day mum was pulling me in the sled.  Suddenly the sled tipped and I let go.  The snow felt soft like flour.  It went in my mouth and all over my face.  It was so cold but I felt comfortable in the soft snow.  My mum was looking for me but I was under the sled.  Suddenly I poked out of the snow and we laughed and laughed.  It was so much fun!  Hundo Park, R12


Gold Mine

Gold is valuable because it is cool and there is not much of it.  Do you know where gold comes from?  In the holidays my family visited a gold mine.

Martha Mine in Waihi is an open pit mine.  It is a huge hole that looks like a meteor crater or a black hole.  The hole is 860 metres long, 600 metres wide and 250 metres deep.  The hole is so big that it has roads like city roads.  Massive trucks take the rocks out.

The rocks are crushed to get the gold out.  Then it goes in the furnace to melt the gold so they can make it into a bar.  Dad bought a gold bar for me but it is not real gold.

When the mining is finished they will put water in the hole to make a lake. I think it will be a fun place then.  Andrew Chen, R17

Pokemon Go

I used my mum’s phone to catch a pokemon. I caught a lot of pokemon in the holidays.   I caught a lot in the Library, then I went home.  I just caught one in my mum and dad’s house.

Carl Li, R4

Have a wonderful week

Alice Ho

Acting Principal