August 17

posted Aug 16, 2016, 8:09 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Aug 28, 2016, 2:47 PM ]

Phonological Awareness

    The  faces  of the Whanake children were intent as they listened carefully  to work out  the phonemes of the word that Mrs Sue Hughson called out.  The tamariki  were  learning  the  long  ‘u’  sound,  as in p r u n e.  Sophia (R10) underlined the 4 phonemes, and joined the letters, ‘u’ and ‘e’ to show the split digraph (or the silent ‘e’). This is the Yolanda Soryl’s Phonological Awareness programme, which is proving to be very effective. We are already noticing rapid improvements in children, and the transfer of skills into reading and writing.  Tino pai teachers and teacher aides for spending extra time to learn the approach and prepare the teaching materials, especially Nicole Young for making the resource packs for the teams!


Being Brainy

The Whanake and Pikiake will be inquiring into the human brain and how it works.  This exciting unit is developed in partnership with Bronwen Connor, an ex-parent and Associate Professor in Neuroscience, Auckland of University.  As usual, teachers spent a couple of staff sessions thinking through the topic, selecting big concepts to focus on, and trialing various hands-on learning activities.  Thank you Mrs. Ange Teague for planning the unit and running the staff session with me.  Please refer to the separate notice that went out yesterday for details and parent help request.



The other day Lucy (R8) ran up to me while I was on playground duty and rapidly counted 1 to 30 in Mandarin.  I was impressed with her Mandarin skills  and her confidence at using the language.  Hěn hǎo (very good), Lucy!  Looks like Ms Aimee Shaffrey (Y3) and Quin, our Mandarin Language Assistant, have a good little Mandarin tutor in class.


Last week’s consultation meeting

A big thank you to all the parents, whānau, board members, and teachers who came to the Maori Consultation meeting last Wednesday!  We looked at our draft plan on te reo and tikanga Māori.  This is based on the principles from the Ministry’s initiatives, Ka Hikitia (Raising Māori student achievement) and Tau Mai Te Reo (Promoting and increasing proficiency in te reo).  We are buoyed by the great turnout and the positive discussions, and will follow up on the suggestions.  Please contact me if you were not able to attend the meeting, but would like to know more about this or if you have any suggestions.



Red for Refugees- Please support Whanake Team’s fundraiser “Red for Refugees" by bringing a gold coin donation and coming to school in something red on Friday 19 August.


Memorial Walkway

Last Friday a digger came in to cut the ground ready for the path and this week and next, we have volunteers working on the next stage.  Please give some thought to whether you might be able to help out for a few hours in the next couple of weeks.  Please contact Joss Sanders,  if you can help or need more information.


Health & Safety- Please be on the alert for any signs of chickenpox, especially if your child has not been immunised, as we have a couple of children away at present with this illness.  

Head lice seems to be a problem at the moment, so please check your child and family for this and treat if necessary.


Paid union meeting - Please make sure that you read the notice that was sent home today.


19 August - Red Cross Fundraising Walk and Gold Coin Donation for Whankake Students

23 August - Neuroscientist visit from Auckland University  (Whanake and Pikiake)

26 August - Daffodil Day, Pikiake classes singing at the Public Library. 

2 September - Whole school cross country.

9 September - School closes at 12.30pm for Paid Union Meeting for Staff

3 September - PTA Band Night ‘Soul Agents’, 7.30pm.  See below for more information.

13 & 14 September - Panuku Show “Twice Upon a Time”.

23 September - Term 3 ends.


 Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Leo Straight & Charlie Mather , Rm 2:  Asher Hughes & Lachlan Maher, Rm 3:  Zach Bendall & Lucy Britten, Rm 4: Minerva Armstrong & Isaac Hung, Rm 5:   Aisling O’Leary & Liam Abbot, Rm 6:  Zoe Tasker & Conor Graham, Rm 8:  Charlotte Hancock & Riley Tyrrell, Rm 9:  Nia Lord & Sami Vai, Rm 10:  Isabella Ravenhall & Sidney Caro, Rm 11:  Zane Sarmad & Grace Day,  Rm 12:  Martin Hu & Isobel Rhodes, Rm 13: Leo Manunui & Seanna Watson,  Rm 14:  Sean Starr & Toby Marsh, Rm 15  Luca Eng & Liberty Beck, Rm 16:  Jacob Stanley, Emma Foster & Olivia Stephenson,  Rm 17:  Olivia Eng & Vinnie Anuzis.

Congratulations also to our hockey players - Following the 1st round of trials for the North Harbour Hockey Year 5/6 (involving 180 players), Chanel Catchpole, Isabelle West and Curtis Marsh made the shortlist/callback (approximately 60 players) for the 2nd trial.




This is your final chance to buy your Entertainment Book this year. It is well worth doing - you make great savings, while raising money for the school.  To order your Book or Digital Membership securely online visit:  PLUS, for limited time, FREE postage on books ordered online.


Come dance to live music - Soul Agents playing Saturday the 3rd September at the school hall - a PTA event. Tickets ($25 includes complimentary drink) available now:

               In person on Fridays at the school gates, cash only - 2.50pm to 3.20pm (pick-up time)

Txt or call Wilma 0210 2703 889 with name and number of tickets required.*

email with name and number of tickets required.*

*Pay into PTA Non Profit Organisation Current Account 06-0115-0253323-00 and collect tickets on night.

Licensed cash bar only; Selling craft beer from the Shakespeare brewery and Villa Maria gold label wine, plus other popular beers and soft drinks available. All tickets purchased over the next two weeks will go in the draw to win a bottle of bubbles. The person who buys the most tickets will win a prize!

Monies raised will go towards playground equipment.


Pizza lunches - coming your way soon! $2 per slice or $3 for 2 slices. Check future newsletter calendar for details .

 Monies raised will be going towards school’s overnight camps.


This week’s writing comes from Year 1 and 2 students in Room 3.

I cut 12 quarters of bread with sticky gooey jam.  I felt full after I ate 12 quarters of bread. It was really scrumptious. When I bit off the delicious juicy bread I kept wanting more and more. The juice kept sneaking in my mouth. It was a delicious sandwich.  Robin Millar


Our class made butter. After that my class made delicious scrumptious sandwiches. Not any type, but jam. Everyone loves jam except the people who are allergic to it. My second slice tasted like pizza.  Louis Tongue


The fluffy little chicks chirped and chirped as we held them.  One was left in the box and it chirped as if it was saying “Let me out, I want to come to play. I’ll be good!” My favourite one was Fluffy Bum. The one Roxanne and I held was trying to escape, but it did not get away. Archie showed us how chicks drink.  Zach Bendall


For Year 6 Parents

Birkdale Intermediate school office is open today, Wednesday 17 August, from 8am until 7pm for 2017 enrolments.

Northcote Intermediate School - Enrolment Week from Monday, 22 August

Enrolments for 2017 are done by appointment where possible, as the Principal enjoys meeting all new students. Enrolment appointments are 15 minutes long and can be made by phoning the School on 481-1400.  Students must attend the enrolment interview and you must bring a birth certificate or passport, a signed Internet Agreement and Mid-Year Report. Students not born in New Zealand need to bring proof of residency.

Enrolment times:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8.00am - 5.00pm;

Tuesday  - 8.00am -3.00pm and 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Friday - 8.00am - 3.00pm

Have a wonderful week

Alice Ho, Acting Principal