August 24

posted Aug 23, 2016, 8:09 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Aug 30, 2016, 9:07 PM ]

Red for Refugees fundraising walk

      I was very proud of our Whanake tamariki out there making a difference last Friday.  Heads turned as the river of red meandered through the local shopping area.  Over $500 was raised for the Red Cross to help the refugees.  Thank you to  parents,  whanau,  and the rest of the school for supporting the good cause.  

Meanwhile, Pikiake children are preparing care kits to gift to 11 children in a refugee centre.  Ka rawe everyone for CARING, PARTICIPATING and CONTRIBUTING (our core school values)!   Mrs GM, Mrs Teague, Ms MacLean and the Whanake and Pikiake teachers deserve a big pakipaki for their careful planning and delivery of this unit.


Being Brainy Inquiry Unit for Pikiake and Whanake - Two neuroscientists visited us yesterday as part of the Being Brainy program developed by Bronwen Connor, and her neuroscience team at Auckland University.  The display of brains that they brought along stimulated much talk, noticing, and wondering. Angelina Perkins (R13)  wondered whether our brains  gained  more  folds  as  we  grew  older, just like the wrinkles on our skin, and the answer from  the visiting  expert is, “No. The  number of folds we’re  born with stay with us for life.”

Room 4 children wrote:

“What? Brains? We are going to see brains??”  I thought  the rat’s  brain was very  small. The sheep's brain was medium size. Look! The human brain is so big! It has many folds so we are the smartest. I had a good time and I felt happy. Ethan Liu

“Wow!” I said because Room 4 went to see the brains. There were: a rat brain, a cat brain, a sheep brain, a human brain, and a brain that was cut in half. I liked the monkey’s brain the most because it looked like a bum.  The spinal cord is very important. It connects the brain with the rest of the body. I’m so glad I have a brain, otherwise I would be paralysed and I couldn’t think.  Isaac Hung

Memorial Walkway:  The Years 4 to 6 classes were again PARTICIPATING and CONTRIBUTING on Monday as they helped to lay the stones on the walkway.  It was also a wonderful chance to be out in the fresh air, moving around, and building arm muscles.  Thanks to those parents who helped on Friday, and to the children who volunteered during their lunchtimes.  Remember to drop in and lend a hand anytime this week - an hour or two and an extra hand makes a big difference and boosts the enthusiasm of the volunteer workers too.


Daffodil Day - Pikiake children will walk to the library on Friday morning and present a collection of songs at 9:15-9:30.  Children please to dress in yellow, orange or green and bring a gold coin for the Cancer Society.

CSI produce barrow:  For the first time this year, the barrow will be outside the hall before and after next Friday's assembly.  Please bring some coins to purchase fruit, veges and kawakawa balm - all grown or made at school.  If you wish to donate some surplus fruit or veges to the barrow, please bring it to the office in the morning. Profits go back into the gardens and orchard.


PTA Event postponed -  It is with regret that, due to unforeseen reasons, we are postponing our live band night. Please note, Soul Agents will not be playing Saturday the 3rd September at the school hall but do keep an eye out for our re-scheduled date.


Fundraisers for Y5 & 6 camps:

Pizza lunch (a gluten free option is available) Friday 26 August.  $2 for one slice, $3 for two.  Available at lunchtime, outside the hall, in the junior lunch eating area and outside the Library.

Car Wash, Saturday 10 September.  $6 per car for wash only, $10 for deluxe (wash, dry, windows).  10am - 2pm on the top court.  Helpers are needed for this.  If you can spare some time to help our Panuku children pay for camp please contact Wilma on 021 0270 3889.



Payment for donations and activity requests  can be made by cash, cheque, Eftpos or D/C to: ASB 12-3035-0499511-00

Sickness-Please consider keeping your child at home if they appear unwell in the morning.  There is an awful lot of illness about  at the moment and we would like to minimise the risk of spreading ‘bugs’ to other children  in class.



26 August - Daffodil Day, Pikiake classes singing at the Public Library.

26 August - Pizza lunch fundraiser for Year 5 & 6 camps

2 September - Whole school cross country.

9 September - School closes at 12.30pm for Paid Union Meeting for Staff.  Please return the Supervision Slip if you cannot collect your child at 12.30pm.

9 September - Assembly will be at 9.00am due to the union meeting.

10 September (Saturday) - Car wash fundraiser for Year 5 & 6 camps, 10.00 - 2.00 in the carpark.

13 & 14 September - Panuku Show “Twice Upon a Time”.

16th September- The inter school cross country is on 10am - 1pm at Kauri Park School

23 September - Term 3 ends.


This week a Year 4 student imagines what it would be like to be suddenly moved to an unknown culture.

Moving to China

Next weekend we are moving to a city in China called Shanghai. I am worried that it will be hard to learn Chinese. When I go to school the people might tease me because I come from a different country. When I go to the shops it will be hard to read the labels. Apparently in China you have to do long hours of homework, which worries me because I’m definitely not prepared.

In China there could be different transport that I haven't used before which will make it confusing because I wouldn’t be used to it. In China there’s not much grassy fields to play on so it would get a bit boring playing on the same playground over and over again. In China the emergency number is different so if I forget it I won’t know what to dial. Because I’ll be in a different country there will be different cultures. When I am talking to people it would be hard to communicate with them. What school would I go to because there are many different schools I could go to? I could even be home schooled.

I guess there are some positives about moving to a different country like making new friends because you can't pack your own friends but that would be pretty cool if we could because then I wouldn't miss them every day.

ln China there are different foods that I can try, like eating Chinese dumplings, and on New Year I think there’s a different celebration. Since we’re in a different country, there will be lots of different views so I can take pictures of the landscapes. It will be great going to other restaurants and different buildings. I’m excited that I am moving to China. See you soon China. By Aisha Kim, Room 13


Have a wonderful week

Alice Ho

Acting Principal



Outside organisations

Birkenhead Tennis Club - Open days: Seniors and families 28th August 1 - 5pm. Juniors  18th  September 1 - 3pm.  Drop in at 1 Verran Road, behind the water tank for a free cuppa and a hit.