February 1

posted Jan 31, 2017, 7:24 PM by Alison Bray

Newsletter February 1, 2017                                             

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a lovely Christmas/New Year/holiday time. A warm welcome to the 16 New Entrants starting today, and the 6 new children starting at other year levels. We hope the children enjoy their time at Birkenhead Primary.

We have the year well mapped out, and look forward to a full range of learning experiences - in Social Inquiry, Science Inquiry, Health, Sports/P.E., in addition to great Reading, Writing/Spelling/Phonics, and Mathematics.

My special thanks to Alice and the Senior leaders, who have put in a huge amount of time to get things set up for the year.  Thanks also to Elaine for making sure, in particular, that all payroll was correct, and to Logan for maintenance and support for teachers with room set up etc.

My thanks also to our new teachers, for finding their way into the School and getting their rooms set up.  Parents - please introduce yourself to our new teachers.

Annoula Couldry - Room 2

Shannon Payne - Room 10

Kirsten Johnson - Room 16

Anna Robison - Room 17

Sarah McMenamin - Room 15.


Our key goal for the year - Responsiveness - there are numerous ways in which we can look at this idea, including building responsiveness between children, but we are particularly looking at how we teachers can make our teaching even more responsive to the needs (class, group, and individual) of the children - through building our curriculum knowledge, knowing where the children lie on the learning progressions in the key areas, etc. Sounds easy, but with 30 children in some rooms, not so easy to achieve/maintain.


Teachers away - Mrs Arrowsmith is still recovering from her fall at the end of last year. She will be working mornings, and Mrs Jones may be teaching the children after lunch - for Week One. Mrs Sadler injured herself, and is unable to be at work for this week at least. Mrs Munn will be starting the children off for the year. Mrs Hughson is unwell, and will be away for Week One at least. Mrs Rees will be starting the Room 13 children.


School organisation

Room numbers - Please note that we have changed some room numbers. Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are unchanged. To the side of the Library are Rooms 6 (at the back) and Room 7 (used to be Room 8).  On the deck are Rooms 12 (was room 6) and Room 13. Rooms 14, 15, 16, 17 are unchanged, but the room off the hall is now Room 18, rather than 12.


School leaders:      Deputy Principal - Alice Ho

Senior Leader Panuku - Nicki Gerin; Team Manager Panuku - Jenna Weir (and Sports)

Senior Leader Pikiake -  Rachel Grant; Team Manager Pikiake - Sandra MacLean (and Te Reo)

Senior Leader Whanake - Angela Teague; Team Manager Whanake - Sue Hughson (and IT support)



School as Community Leader - Mirela Lapuste.

Learning Support Leader - Catherine Fairhall

Out of School time Sports Manager  - Jocelyn Sanders


Key dates for the term: Will be confirmed in the newsletters during the term.

Feb 21 - ‘Meet Teachers, Meet the parents’

March 3rd - Camp at school night

April 11th - Triangles for Term One.


Term Two - ERO Review - An ERO team will be visiting the school to look at how the school is performing - exact date to be confirmed, but early May.


Board of Trustees - The Board has a vacancy at the moment, and will be looking to fill this position as quickly as possible. More on this soon from the board.


Work completed during break

Gate at Clinic - this is particularly aimed at stopping pre-schoolers leaving the grounds if they become separated from Mum or  Dad. Please ensure that you keep the gate shut, and please look out for other children’s safety.

Fileserver - a new fileserver has been installed.

Tree removal - thanks to Logan for tidying and re-grassing this area.

Tree removal - thanks to Logan for tidying and re-grassing this area.

Completion of walkway - including steps, boulders - thanks to Logan, Joss, and Ivan for getting the boulders into place in the bottom corner of the field - a place for chn to sit and talk.

Painting of admin areas - thanks to Ivan Sanders and team for getting this done.


Health and Safety

Sun safety - Please make sure that your child has their brim or bucket hat at school every day. Please also consider dark coloured, fine weave shirts/tops - these offer greater sun protection. You could also consider a bottle of sunblock in each child’s bag - they can put this on when they pop their lunchbox back in their bag. The children will definitely need their water bottles at school this month.

Shoes - we expect the children to wear shoes when outside - to prevent stubbed toes!!  No jandals please.  This also enables them to move quickly and freely around the school


Best wishes for the year ahead - I hope it is a good one for you and your family.


Nigel Bioletti