February 24

posted Feb 23, 2016, 6:48 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Feb 23, 2016, 8:42 PM ]
Dear Parents and Caregivers

 From the Information evening on Monday night, two points in particular:
1. Many thanks to David Barker, who has accepted the role of Chairperson of our Board of Trustees. It is just marvellous that people are willing to take on such a role in schools. It requires a bit of headspace most days, and then of course prep for meetings, and numerous conversations. Sincere thanks to Mark Neville, who has been our Chair for 2015.  At the meeting David invited parents to consider standing for election to the three places which become available on the Board in April/May. If you are prepared to consider standing, you can email bot@birkenheadprimary.school.nz, talk to me or one of the existing Trustees, and/or come to a Board meeting. Our next meeting is likely to be held Tuesday 22nd, but keep your eyes on the Newsletter for confirmation.
2. David also spoke about property development at the school. The large Building Improvement project (B.I.P) we started in 2014/15, to replace the Room 9/10/11 and Senior/Admin blocks was unfortunately postponed by the ministry until the 2018/19 MOE funding year. The Ministry has, however, returned our full modernisation budget to us, and has provided the funding for a roll growth room. We initially intended to simply remove Room 1, partially demolish Room 2, and try to build three spaces in that area of the School. However, in order to compact the buildings footprint in the school, and to look to the future, we are seriously considering building two new spaces (Roll growth and R.1 replacement) on the berm where the flagpole stands. Then, when the B.I.P. goes ahead, these spaces would convert to the new Admin and Staffroom, and the equivalent space would be incorporated into the new building as teaching space. We would also then demolish Room 2 (if the MOE will not allow us to retain it as extra space), and incorporate that space into the new building. This shifts the school towards the Mokoia Rd entranceway, provides additional play space for the Pikiake children, and generally simplifies the maintenance demands on the school. The Board has to feel 100% sure that this is all for the very best, and then, if the MOE signs off on our intentions, we can get our architect to start work on drawings. If you have any thoughts about things we might be able to synch with this plan, please email me, or drop by.
Thank you very much to David, Mark, and Sarah, to our wonderful staff team, to Maria and Kirsty and Maria (Learning Trust), and to Katrina (P.T.A.) for helping to update parents on the school’s plans for the 2016 year. Well done.

Donations and activity payments - Please expect a newsletter about this very soon.


29 February – Hearing and vision testing for New Entrant and children needing to be re-tested.  

March 4 – Camp at school night from 5pm

March 25 – 29 School closed for Easter break.  

April 12 – Triangles

April 15 Term 1 ends

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Melissa Lai & Noah Nicholson, Rm 2:  Carter Cheetham & Freddy Ward, Rm 3:  Roxanne Perkins & Lucy Britten, Rm 4: Jun Lu & Lucy MacFarlane, Rm 5: Zoe Black & Tom Fletcher, Rm 6:  Flynn Gower & Boris Tsekhansky, Rm 8:  Cohen Peterson & Apoorvah Roopesh, Rm 9:  Troy Blijlevens & Natasha Starr, Rm 10:  Charlie Dobler & Miela Stantiall, Rm 11: Ryan Lapuste & Kiki Su ,  Rm 12:  Valerie Wen & Jack Andrews, Rm 13: Isaac Stewart & Will Ashley,  Rm 14:  Jack Bayly & Cole Beasley, Rm 15:  Almira Adela Aziz, Rm 16:  Ruby Wilford & Christopher Wardle,  Rm 17:  Angus Koolen & Jean-Ryan Carney. 

Congratulations also to Myara Flint of Room 15 who has been selected to represent Mairangi Bay Surf Life Saving Club at the National Junior Surf Life Saving Champs.  At the recent Northern Region champs Myara was in the relay team that came third and also the beach sprint team that came second.

PTA  News 

BPS Camp Night 4th March: We need more volunteers to help run our stalls, set-up, clean-up etc – please email maria@needscope.com if you can spare an hour or so at the event.  Any questions about Camp Night? Please email pta@birkenheadprimary.school.nz.

PTA AGM Tuesday 8th March: Please join us at 7.30pm in the Staffroom to hear about what the PTA has been up to in the last 12 months, and enjoy some wine and cheese.  Please also consider joining our committee.  For more information and to RSVP, email pta@birkenheadprimary.school.nz.

Entertainment Books: The PTA are looking to run an Entertainment Book fundraiser in 2016 but need someone to help oversee/manage the activity.  If you are interested in this role, please email Katrina on pta@birkenheadprimary.school.nz. 

Ezlunch: Don’t forget our weekly Pita Pit Ezlunch every TUESDAY – register/order for your child at www.ezlunch.co.nz

Pikiake News

Smartmoves- This programme relies heavily on parent helpers, something we continue to be short of so far. Please see Mrs Rees or Ms Mac if you can help on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday mornings 9-10:40.

Matchbox cars - On Fridays Pikiake children are invited to bring these to school for Discovery Time. We plan to create ramps, tunnels, bridges and pipes for them.

 Art shirts - Please could all Year 1 and 2 children bring an old adult T Shirt to school for Art.

Maths Information  Evening.- Tuesday 8th March, 7-8pm in Rm5.  Pikiake Parents are invited to find out about Maths in the first 2 years at school and how they can help at home.


Lost property - The bin outside the Library is filling up rapidly.  Please name items where possible and check the bin.  if things do go missing.  We endeavour to return named items to their owners.

Netball:  Please note the days on which teams will be playing.  Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 are on Mondays; Years 5 and 6 on Wednesdays (after school).  You will be advised when the Play and Pay Slips are available.
CSI:  There is no barrow this year, but Kawakawa Balm is available from the office at $2 each.

 Here are some of our newest students enjoying the pool on  a hot summer afternoon.

Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti