March 16

posted Mar 15, 2016, 7:24 PM by Alison Bray

Dear Parents and Caregivers

 Triangles - these are coming up on April 12th. Please expect a note home soon.  For parents new to the school, we refer to our Parent, Child, and Teacher Meetings as ‘Triangles’. When I walk around the school during triangles, I see children enjoying a special time with their parents and their teachers - talking about their learning; what they are currently trying to achieve, getting feedback from their teachers, support from their parents for their efforts, looking at how everyone can help them to do well and looking at anything that might be getting in the way of their learning.  It is also a time to look at their highlights so far during the year, their strengths, their interests and  their participation in and contribution to the school community. Parents - don’t forget that you can arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher, or email them with any particular matters you would like to discuss. We do want triangles to focus on the children’s learning and development.

ST PATRICK’S DAY   Children - come to school dressed in GREEN this Thursday 17 March for St Patrick’s Day.

Swim Competition today - after some additional training at Osborne Pool, our swimmers have been in action today, competing against our Cluster Schools. Thank you to parents and to Mr Tyler, and I trust that children have enjoyed the day.

Birkenhead Primary’s Learning Trust - is having its Annual General Meeting - 7:30 on the 24th March at BCC - the bar opposite the BNZ. If you would like to support the work of the Trust, please join us for this meeting, followed by a regular monthly meeting.

Waterwise - our 2016 season got underway yesterday with Room 14.  The children had a great day - sailing, kayaking, raft building.

Can you help us??? Waterwise is a water safety and skills programme, based around sailing and kayaking, for year 5 and 6  children.  As a water based activity we must adhere to  strict adult to child ratios.  Parents are busy people and we often struggle to get  enough  helpers  to allow  all activities to run.  We  would  welcome  any  parents,  from  any  level of  the school, to  join  us at  Birkenhead  Wharf  on the  dates listed in the calendar.  The activities are run by qualified Waterwise  Instructors . You will not be asked to do anything outside your comfort zone.  If you can help please email

 Important Safety Message

The top carpark is for staff parking ONLY, unless you are coming into the school on business.  Please sign in at the office.   For safety reasons, there is to be no dropping off or picking up of children in the carpark.  There is a two minute parking zone at the front of the school for you to drop off and pick up your child. The lower entrance is a drop off and pick up zone only. Please DO NOT park in this zone.  Once your child is at the pick up zone,  you may pull in and pick up your child safely.  Repeat offenders will be identified and further action may be taken. It is important that these rules are adhered to so that all children can be dropped off or picked up at school safely.  Thank you for your co-operation.



March 16 - Cluster swim competition.

March 22 - Board of Trustees meeting, 7.30in the staffroom,

March 22 & April 7 - Room 15 Waterwise, Parent helpers are most welcome.

March 24 - Birkenhead Primary Learning Trust AGM at 7:30pm at BCC Bar.

March 25 – 29 - School closed for Easter break.  School resumes Wednesday 30th.

April 7 & 8 - Waterwise for Rooms 15 & 14, Parent helpers welcome.

April 12 - Triangles - details to follow

April 15 – Term 1 ends at the usual time.


CSI (Conserve Secure Invest, our Enviro group)

Last Friday CSI were feeding the worms.  We asked Mrs Sanders  if we  could pull  up weeds in the garden and look what  we  found hiding under the soil! 

Written by Chloe Straight, Emma Foster & Trinity Foster-Nesbit


Walking School Bus

The following children have reached WSB milestones:

50 Walks: Seanna Watson & Jimin Choe.

100 Walks: Joshua Munn.

200 Walks: Annabelle Frankham & Isla Lawrence.

450 Walks:  Vinnie Anuzis.

Congratulations to all these walkers, can they please come to Room 16 for their prize and bag tag.


Netball Play and Pay slips are due back by this Friday.

Hockey Play and Pay slips are due back by 24 March.

Spare slips are in the folders in the foyer (opposite the office).


Room 10 (Year 3) have been working on describing the setting in their writing.

The lovely yellow sun shone everywhere as we drove down the dusty road.  It was a lovely day as we zoomed along.  There were no clouds to be seen.  Suddenly we saw a thing moving along the road and we slammed on our brakes to investigate.  It was a little chubby brown gopher.  It looked like a chipmunk and it was stuck in a teeny tiny hole.  We got a rag to protect my hands and I gently grabbed it out of the hole.  It scurried away into the green green grass.

By Madelyn Meys


 Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti



Outside organisations

Baxter Dance HipHop at the YMCA, Northcote – Tuesday afternoons 4pm kids 6 – 9 yrs,  5pm kids 10 – 13 yrs 
First class FREE ($12.50 per class) for more info and to register

Responsible ex BPS student (14 years old) available for babysitting in the Birkenhead area. Please contact Sarah Bloomfield on 4191355.

Music Lessons at school BPS school offers specialist music lessons.    Enrolment forms for piano/keyboard and guitar lessons are available from the office foyer.  These are due back by 15 February. Contact the Music Education Centre on 0800893939 if you have any queries.