May 11

posted May 10, 2016, 9:11 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 15, 2016, 2:16 PM ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers --

Positive children - I asked our teachers this week to thank the children for the way they greet teachers and adults in the school. I often get cheery greetings from the children, and think that this indicates a confidence and positive outlook on their part - to be encouraged.

CRT Art - Room 3 children were getting inside a Georgia O’Keeffe painting today.  Some reflections:

I landed on top of the cave. I was lost by the honey drop in the wave. I looked up to the ceiling and I saw ten humongous petals.  Will Fairhall

I am in a blue flower in a fountain of bursting gold water. I look up and look at a petal blocking the sun. Zac Bendall

BOT  Elections:  Nomination papers have been sent to parent / caregivers.  Nominations close at 12 noon on 20th May.  All nomination forms must be with the Returning Officer by this time.  Any nominations received after this time will not be accepted.  Should you have any questions regarding the role of a trustee, please do not hesitate to contact me, or one of our current trustees,  or email

Many thanks again to our soon to finish Trustees, Mark Neville, Adam Gower, and Sarah Carter, for their contribution to the School. Full credit to each of you for being willing to put considerable time and effort into helping set the direction for the school.

Donations and Payment Requests: Thank you very much to parents who have made their donations to the school this year. The children have already enjoyed so many activities since the start of the year, including Life Education, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and the ‘Big Bang, Little Bang’ shows.  There will be many more exciting trips and activities to come! Please note that payments can be made at any time at the school office, or by DC as follows:   ASB 12-3035-0499511-00 (please use your child’s name and payment type as a reference).  We will be sending home reminders for remaining payments shortly.

Help with Little Shoal Bay science visits - Parents, we would really appreciate any additional parent help on these days, when we want the children to be working in small groups, and so, need supervision and support from adults - parents, grandparents, family friends. If you can help out on any particular day, even if it is not your child’s own class day, please email your child’s teacher.  Incidentally, we had very enthusiastic feedback from the teachers who visited us last Thursday. Some of them were secondary science teachers - amazed at the thinking the children were doing, and the language they were using to explain their ideas. Well done teachers and well done children.


13 May - Room 15 assembly at 2.10pm

16-23 May - Class visits to Little Shoal Bay as part of our Science Inquiry. The information the children are going to gather will form part of a nation-wide stocktake of our local seashore.

6 June - Queen’s Birthday holiday - No School

7-10 June - Book week - note that we are not having Book sales this year, just enjoying   good authors, illustrators, and literature.

17 June - Class and individual photos

23 June  - School Disco organised by our PTA.

8 July - Term 2 ends

PTA News

The 2016 Spell-athon is under way and by now all BPS students should have their information packs and spelling lists. There are spare copies of the packs at the office. Please speak directly to the class teacher for the appropriate spelling list.

An online version of the information packs will appear soon with some helpful learning tips via the PTA facebook page and PTA newsletter. Learning a little every day is the best way forward.  And remember there are great prizes for good sponsorship efforts, including yoyo balloons for the Whanau group/house group with the most participants.

Huge thanks to our sponsors for the prizes: Christie Houghton from Active Soul, Craig Fletcher ceramic Jewellery, Shelley Beasely from Web Jet, Rebecca’s Lego and Anne Marks from Beadazzle on Mokoia road, to name but a few.

Entertainment Books: there is a convenient digital membership option. To order your Book  Contact the PTA if you need an additional order form:

Don’t forget Ezlunch Pita Pit Tuesdays: Order online before 9am Tuesday.

Here are a few items to wrap up last term’s flag inquiry topic.

From the Electoral Commission:

394 schools shared results for over 66,000 students.  The Kids Voting referendum on the New Zealand flag asked the question:  “What is your choice for the New Zealand flag?”  The option with the most votes was Option B: Current New Zealand Flag.  The Kids’ votes were cast as follows:

Option A: Silver Fern Flag  31,188 votes, 46.7%

Option B: Current New Zealand Flag  34,170 votes, 51.2%



What is everybody talking about? The flag. Do you want the old flag or a new flag? Well, I'll tell you what I think. I think we need the old flag. We've already gone through so much with it. And with all the money being spent we could get homes for people who don't have homes.

It has been around for a long time and we have all got used to it by now. It will just be a waste of money and it is cutting down trees. What about the soldiers who died in the war? There were 60 million people who died in the war, so that is what I think. The union jack means the blood of the ANZACs and the people who fought for our country. Now it has been 100 YEARS since the ANZACs so why should we forget the war of NZ?

Do you know how much money the flag voting has cost? It was $26 million just for one flag. It has been around for a long time and you should be used to it by now. 8 in 40 people from the survey we did in our school are worried about the money. It is just a piece of fabric and where does it go?  So about the money, it can be spent on things that are special to all of us. 

Lots of people like the flag because it is what happened in our history for New Zealand. Even though they did not fight for the flag they fought with the flag. That is why we should keep the flag.   By Magnolia Barker,  R16


Room 4’s Flag

  • We made twenty two stars because all the people in Room 4 are stars, twenty one children and the teacher.
  • The stars are close together because we are a great community of learners.
  • The stars are in four rows because we are in Room 4.
  • The triangles represent mountains or steps that we take / climb to reach our learning goals (our heights) to be the best that we can be.

Colours :

White means Peace.  We chose white because we get along with each other and we learn together.

Red means courage.  We take risks when we learn something new.

It also means love.  We care about each other.  We are nice, kind and helpful.

Yellow means happiness.  We are happy with our learning.

Blue means calmness and harmony.  It also symbolises the sky and the water.


 Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti,


Outside organisations

Young at Art Children’s after school Art Classes commence in Beach Haven Community house this week for children aged 5 yrs+ and 9 yrs+.  FREE trials available.  For more information or to book please contact:, email: or phone 0297 712 923.

Baxter Dance HipHop at the YMCA, Northcote – Tuesdays  4 - 4.55pm kids 6–9yrs, 5 - 5.55pm kids 10–13 yrs $12.50 per class with first class free. Other classes also available in Kingsland which can be viewed via  www.baxterdance.nzEmail for more info and to register.