May 12

posted May 11, 2017, 4:59 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 11, 2017, 5:33 PM ]


As advised, we have had the Education Review Office team at school this week. They have talked with Alice, Nicki, Rachel, Angela, and myself, met with Trustees, visited each of the teams with the Senior leaders, talked with teachers and the children in some classes, talked with parents, checked documents, and engaged in a lot of discussion with us about what we are doing and how we know we are making a difference.  They gave verbal feedback to the Board yesterday afternoon. The three officers have made many, many very positive comments about the school, and we feel that the report, when it is published in July, will be a very good one. This is due to the fantastic work of the Board, Alice and our three Senior Leaders, the total staff (teachers, teacher aides, office team, Logan), the support of parents for their children’s learning, and for all of the school’s activities and events, and, is also due, of course, to the 430 fantastic children we have at the school, who welcomed the team, and were able to talk with them about their learning and their involvements.  Thanks everyone, and well done.


Woodcarving Festival - Parents - If you have a little time tomorrow, your children might like to visit the LakeHouse Arts Centre in Fred Thomas drive -  to see the 2017  Wood Craft Festival - carvers will be starting their wood sculptures - great to watch, and will be working through the coming week to see if they can take out a prize - works will be completed by 3pm Sunday 21 May.


Good news - we were delighted this week to receive a grant of $38,000 from the Lion Foundation - through the Birkenhead Licensing Trust - which will pay for our one day per week counselling service for the year ahead, and approximately $20,000 on IT gear and gadgets. This is the fifth year the Licensing Trust has supported these two elements of the School operation, and we are very fortunate. We know how much you value access to our Counsellor, and we all know how much the children like being able to work on their gadgets.

But: I now have to advise you that Liz, who has been our School Counsellor since 2012, has decided to finish up this week. She needs to lighten her Counselling load, and, naturally, wishes to focus on her private practice. It has been a privilege to have Liz work with us. She has been hugely supportive of staff, parents, and children, and we will miss her. We do envisage that we will soon have a new Counsellor in place.


Health & Safety:  School begins at 8.50am promptly when the roll is taken.  If your child is absent for any reason, please let the Office know, either by email: absence, or by leaving a message on the ‘absence line’- ph 4807365.

If your child is late to school, please ensure that they come to the office before going to class so that we can mark the roll accordingly.

Contact details:  If any of your personal details have changed, please remember to advise us so that we can ensure we have the correct information on hand.

Can you help?  We are looking for a parent to supervise our Y6 children on crossing patrol on Thursday mornings, from 8.20 until 8.40am. If you think you may be able to help, please contact

Some News from Mr Smith:  One of my firefighter mates has been walking from the bottom of the North Island and will reach the Sky Tower on Saturday morning to climb the stairs with over 1000 firefighters. I will be joining him from tomorrow and walking through Friday night until Saturday morning, when we will reach the sky tower in our fire gear. It’s a great cause raising support for leukemia and raising awareness about depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with first responders.  The firefighters sky tower climb will be live streamed from 6am tomorrow.



26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Autism awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.

22 June - PTA Disco

26 - 30 June - Matariki celebration, more information will follow

29 June - Share the Arts


P.T.A. Update - It’s all go for the PTA team:

School Disco - We need a First Aider for the school disco - 6pm to 8pm on the 22nd of June. Please email Nigel if you can help.

Art Auction: If you have any picture frames you no longer need, would you be willing to donate them to us? We would like to be able to frame some of the children’s artwork for the Art Auction later in the year. Please bring to the Office if you can help.

And, the Te Reo-a-thon is coming together nicely, and will be a wonderful challenge and learning opportunity for the children (and teachers and parents???)

Matariki Celebration evening - Parents, this promises to be a wonderful evening, with a whole lot of fun activities for the children - but will definitely need parent support. Please note that you do not need to be Maori or have been in the school for a long time to assist with the event team - we just need a crew with energy, enthusiasm and skills.  If you are interested, please email Toni Shepherd at right now with your contact details.  We will then go ahead and try to coordinate your skills and talent and invite you to our next planning meeting.


SportsHockey, Years 1, 2 & 3 – DON’T MISS OUT!  Fun Sticks is aimed at pre-primary grade players and new entrants – Year 1, 2 & 3 (ages 5 – 7).  Have fun, play, learn, explore and make new friends!!  The programme runs during Term 2 & 3. Registrations now open.  There is a 2 week trial period available at the beginning of each programme: Shepherd’s Park Wednesday afternoons (start 24 May) or Harbour Hockey Saturday mornings (start 20 May).  Register on the Harbour Hockey website: and click onto ‘Participation Programmes’.

Rippa Rugby - Forms are available for rippa rugby in the foyer.  Please ensure both the white and yellow forms are completed, and returned, along with $20.  Please remember that teams will not be able to be entered unless there are sufficient adults, which is not the case at present.  Email Joss Sanders if you are able to assist, but have not ticked the appropriate box (


Year 2 children in Room 7 had a Mystery Box and had to use their sense of touch and hearing to figure out what the objects were.

The Mystery Box

Tick tock. The mystery object is clicking. I wonder what it is? I think it's a hair clip because it is silky smooth and hard.

By Ben Kenrick

Clang, bang, clack! That's what I heard. I felt hard metal as cold as ice. It felt like a dog lead because I felt hard chain.

By Noah Nicolson

Room 12 (Year 4) read the big book "The Amazing Machine". After they read it, they designed their own amazing machines, and then wrote descriptions about the machines and their functions.  After this, they planned a way to actually make their amazing machines. They drew our plans, collected their materials and resources, and then got creating and making. Sometimes they were able to stick to their plan, at other times they needed to change what they were doing to solve a problem. As their grand finale, they'll be hosting our whole school assembly this Friday...can you guess the theme?


ASB SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP VOUCHER - ASB are continuing with the $500 School Sponsorship Voucher scheme. If any parent, staff member or member of the school community draws down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate to our school.

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti, Principal



Outside Organisations

ST ANDREW’S COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE: Saturday 20 May 10am – 1pm at the church, 172 Hinemoa Street (corner of Mariposa Crescent).  Household goods, bric-a-brac, clothing, jewellery, plants, face painting and BBQ.  Bring the family along!  Tables can also be hired to sell goods – only $15 – phone Hilary 0274 787 127 to book.

Birkdale Intermediate School OPEN EVENING -  Parents and prospective students are cordially invited to attend on Thursday, 25 May or Wednesday 31 May from 7:00 pm  -  9:00 pm. Our students will be happy to show you around the school.  The tour will start in our theatre.