May 18

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Dear Parents and Caregivers                 

2016 BOT Election: We need three Board nominations altogether. If you have considered standing for the Board, you might like to come along to tonight’s board meeting - 6pm in the staffroom - to get a sense of the Board’s usual business, and to ask any questions you might have.  Nominations close at 12 noon this Friday.  All nomination forms must be in the hands of the Returning Officer by this time.  Any nominations received after this time will not be accepted.  Nominations can be sent to: Returning Officer Team, PO Box 8140 Christchurch, Fax 0800 000184 or email the returning officer,  As a candidate, you are invited to submit a brief (up to 400 words) statement, preferably through the link on the website  This must be with the Returning Officer by Noon, 20th May.

Science investigations at Little Shoal Bay – There is a whole lot of life in those mudflats, and when the children have put down their tarp with the metre squared hole in the middle, they have been able to lie down, and get really close up, observing all sorts of creatures going about their business. Fantastic science - thanks Miss Ho, Mrs Rees, teachers and parents for enabling excellent science inquiry.

Pink Shirt Day Mufti Day - On Friday, 20 May 2016, Birkenhead Primary School will celebrate Pink Shirt Day and stand together to stop bullying. Please encourage your child to wear a pink shirt/ something pink on Friday. Also, we ask for a gold coin donation to be taken to the class teacher, and in return your child will receive a wristband. The money raised will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation to help continue hosting Pink Shirt Day and raising awareness about bullying.  

This Saturday - the Zion Hill Park is going to be officially opened. The ceremony will begin at 11am, and three of our children will be helping plant a tree to commemorate the occasion.

PTA Spell-a-thon Fundraiser - There are 21 days until testing begins so please encourage your child(ren) to keep up with their practice. This week's learning tip comes from Room 5 teachers Sandra McLean and Adi Sutherland: “Read it, Say it, Write it, Say it, Read it!” Thanks to yet more of our sponsors- Shelley and Marc Beasley,  for donating two Xbox Live Gold memberships and thanks to Ian Blackwell for donating great products:

Book Week - There will be no book fair as we have had in the past but Mr Houghton has purchased a selection of books that will be on display in the Library for sponsorship.  For a gold coin donation he will place a slip in the front identifying your child as the donor and he or she will be issued with the book to read before it is put into circulation.  


18 May -Board of Trustees Meeting, 6pm in the staffroom. See separate item.

16 - 23 May - Class visits to Little Shoal Bay as part of our Science Inquiry.

27 May - Room 12 Assembly. Awards and medals from the recent swimming champs will be presented by Mr Tyler.

6 June - Queen’s Birthday holiday - No School

7 - 10 June - Book week, see below.

17 June - Class and individual photos.

23 June  - School Disco organised by our PTA.

8 July - Term 2 ends.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners: Rm 1: Toi Shepherd & Hannah Dalziel, Rm 2:  Cyprian Shepherd & Danish Raju, Rm 3:  Robin Millar & Jasmine Chen, Rm 4: Lucy Macfarlane & Lucien Lowe, Rm 5:  Rory Koolen & Connor Bowie , Rm 6:  Libby Keenan & Joaquin Beck, Rm 8:   Lilah Barton & Penitani Vai, Rm 9:  Lucy Jones & Besher Al Nasrallah, Rm 10:   Trisha Puri & Kayden Stone, Rm 11:  Eloise Lyle & Derrick Zhang,  Rm 12:  Olly Macomber & Joey Lin, Rm 13: Angelina Perkins & Zach Ireland,  Rm 14:   Ben Reynolds & Kahu Merrilees, Rm 15  Joni Dickinson & Thein Aung, Rm 16:  Will Ferris & Rawan Zafiri,  Rm 17:  Rome Wells & Amelia Stanley.  

Walking School Bus  Congratulations to the following children who have received awards for walking to and from school.   Children, please see Mrs Lamason in Room 16 to collect your prize.  Ethan Stanley: 100 Walk Tag and Prize  Zoe Wheatley200 Walk Tag Only  Eloise Lyle300 Walk Tag Only

Alumni success - We are always pleased to hear about the achievements of our former students.  Several have been chosen this year for Leadership roles at Northcote College.  Campbell Brown, Doug Grant and Tate Kimpton were chosen as prefects and Eliza Mercer was named as Head Girl.  All have achieved Excellence and Merit results in NCEA as well as representing the school in sports and extra-curricula activities.  They are a credit to their families and their school.

Sport  Rippa rugby:  A Play and Pay slip, and a registration form, are available from the office foyer for students who wish to play rippa rugby.  There are three games, during school hours, over this term and next.  Adult support also required!  Both forms and payment ($20) must be in by 31 May.

This week's writing

What Makes a Kiwi Kid?

Being a kiwi kid is all about munching sweet kiwifruit, with the watery juice dribbling down your chin.

A kiwi kid loves doing quick flips on the bouncy trampoline.

A kiwi kid dances happily around a disco party in jandals.

A kiwi kid sings  “E ihoa Atua,” while standing proudly at an awesome school assembly.

Being a kiwi kid is fun because we can climb giant pohutukawa trees or snorkel in the crystal clear seas near Goat Island.

Kiwi kids slurp the fizzy, yellow L&P at birthday parties.

Kiwi kids love the boogy board on monstrous, crashing waves and don’t get scared.

Kiwi kids are unstoppable and never give up!

By Anya Bay, Room 9, Year 3


Mm2  trip

I was going to get some water for me and Ricky. So we could wash the sieve to find some sea life and here's the funny part.

I got stuck. I got stuck in the mud like a boat hitting the beach.  In A split second I was shouting for help.

Jackson Catchpole, Room 16,  Year 5

Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti,