May 19

posted May 18, 2017, 9:35 PM by Alison Bray

Yesterday our students were treated to a performance of ‘Maui Me Te Ra’ by the Auckland Theatre Company.  The cost of this performance is included in the Activities fee for the year.  

The Touring Co-ordinator commented on the fact that our students were so well behaved and were really engaged in the show.  This is fantastic feedback- Well done all!

Matariki begins 25th June, 2017.  Matariki is the Māori name for the Pleiades, a star cluster in the constellation Taurus. Pleiades, the Greek name for the cluster, comes from seven sisters of Greek legend, the daughters of Atlas and Pleone. This is reminiscent of the Māori and Pacific stories that say Matariki is a mother surrounded by her six daughters.

The cluster is internationally recognised as it can be viewed from anywhere in the world, acting as a key navigation beacon for ocean voyagers as well as an important signal for seasonal celebration in many countries. In Greece, several major temples face straight towards Matariki, as does Stonehenge in England. In Japan, the Subaru brand is named after the Matariki stars.

Traditionally for Māori, when it appeared just before dawn in late May or early June it signalled the start of the Māori New Year. You can find help in locating the Matariki cluster here: Abeginner's guide to finding Matariki


A big Thank You to all  parents who have paid the Activity costs this year,  and also to those who have made a donation to the school.  We really do rely upon these payments to ensure that we can continue to provide all of the additional ’extras’ we do for all children at Birkenhead Primary School. We will be sending statements home shortly, with details/options for payment.

Thank you in anticipation.


Te Reo-a-thon - Please be ready for your children soon to bring home their Te Reo-a-thon pack. The team on Monday organised for some of the children to be photographed by Kirsten Foster, and videoed, carrying out each of the actions of the verbs (kupu) that form the learning for the a-thon. These will be available to help the children learn the correct pronunciations for the kupu. Well done all, and special thanks to Kirsten.

Health and safety  There has been some poor behaviour recently at the pedestrian crossing directly outside the school - children running across as soon as the signs begin to go out. We are monitoring this closely with parents on patrol. However, we also believe that some children are choosing to not use this crossing, but to use the crossings further down Mokoia Road. If they choose to run across these too, then an accident may well happen. Please reinforce the message that they should use ‘our’ crossing, and to be respectful and patient, so that everyone is safe.  To maintain the safety of this crossing we still need a parent to supervise the crossing on Thursday mornings. Please contact if you may be able to help.



26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Anti-bullying awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.

22 June – PTA Disco

26 – 30 June – Matariki celebration.

29 June - Share the Arts

 Our Whanake and Panuku Teams are participating in a dance programme run by the Claire Baxter Dance School.  This is part of the PE focus and the children will be learning hip hop inspired dance moves and will put together and perform their dance routine at the end of the five week programme.

Sports reminder:  Rippa Rugby pay and play slips/registration forms must be handed into the classroom teacher by 26 May 2017.  Forms are available in the office foyer.

Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1:Anna Bakewell-White & Liam Abbot ,  Rm 2: Sento Kodera & Nicole Ye, Rm 3:  Theo Mataitonga & Ella Reader, Rm 4:  Jemma Cawkwell & Daniella Maude, Rm 5:  Ollie Britten & Leo Kim, Rm 6: Freddy Ward & Sam King,  Rm 7: Charlie Mather & Joanna Wilde,  Rm 9: Tim Reshanov & Apoorva Roopesh, Rm 10: Will Fairhall & Larissa Currie, Rm 11:   Egor Grydasov & Penitani Vai,  Rm 12: Neve Keoghan & Varen Wilson, Rm 13: Eddie Latu & Aleona Kudryashova,  Rm 14: Nikau Davies & Liberty Armstrong,  Rm 15 : Luca Manga & Magnolia Barker, Rm 16:  Vacky Oh & Joaquin Beck ,  Rm 17:  Kaihono Sassen & Lucas Dobler, Rm 18:  Aria Davies & Oliver Way.


Birkdale Intermediate School OPEN EVENING - Parents and prospective students are cordially invited to attend Thursday, 25 May, repeated on Wednesday 31 May, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  The tour will start in the theatre.  Phone 4839168 for more information.


This week’s writing is from a Year 5 student in Ms Little’s ELL group.

Hey!  Have you ever scored a goal?  Well I have!  Someone passed me the ball.  I dribbled the ball.  I was running towards the goal.  The other team were chasing me, I could see the goal.  The goalie had his hands up high.  He was moving left and right.  I was shaking because I might not score.  Suddenly I saw the other team behind me.  Then I kicked the ball as hard as I could.  The goalie was too busy talking and I scored!!

By Martin Hu  

And from a Year 2 student in Room 4:

My Cat

I have a cat. She has fur the colour of cookies and cream and when she purrs it sounds like music. When she looks at me her face looks like a golden heart. She is so kind to me. When I am lonely she is there to help me. Whenever she cuddles me she remembers to put her claws in. Her name is Dali and I love her to pieces.

By Albie Larsen

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,



Outside Organisations

Birkenhead Artisan Market: Birkenhead Artisan Market is happy to be supporting Hospice North Shore. Browse, buy, eat and drink and support this amazing charity all in one place. Highbury Community House, 110 Hinemoa Street. 20 May, 9am - 1pm. for more info.