May 25

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Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thanks parents and children for supporting our ‘Pink Shirt’ day. The school raised $440.90 for the Trust behind the day. The message for the children is - that they should  tell someone, if they believe that they are being treated unfairly by anyone in the school. But a most important message is that they should also speak up if they know that someone is being treated unfairly. It is just not good enough for them to turn a blind eye. Can you talk to your children about this, and decide on someone they are happy to talk to, or to leave a message with, if they do know of something going  on.

Measles: A child attending school while they are infectious with measles is very likely to spread the disease to other students and teachers who are not immune. In an outbreak, the Medical Officer of Health can order that unimmunised children must stay home from school until they are no longer at risk of either catching the disease or passing it on to others.  Symptoms of measles can include fever, runny nose, and sore,  watery, red eyes that last for several days before a red blotchy rash appears. Anyone with these symptoms should call ahead before visiting their family doctor, after hours’ clinic or emergency department so steps can be taken to reduce the risk of infecting others in the waiting room.

Birkenhead Primary School Learning Trust: Karin Sjosten has decided to resign from the Trust, so we are looking for a new trustee. If you would like to support this group’s work, email me, or drop by. Karin has made a great contribution during her time on the trust, and we thank her sincerely for her time and effort. In recent weeks, Karin has helped to have our Legacy Tile wall completely re-done - names are now bolder, and the whole look is much improved. Incidentally, the Trust has just set up its first term deposit - a small but meaningful milestone for the Trust. The aim of the Trust - to build an enduring fund that will, in time, help to provide extra resources for the children’s learning.

Book Week - A reminder that Mr Houghton has some books that children might like to sponsor for the Library.  Any donation will be welcome, your child’s name will be acknowledged inside the book and he or she will be the first  to be issued with the book.  Books are on display in the Library this week and can be viewed until 3.15 during any day except Monday.

PTA Spellathon - It is great to see the spelling police are out in force.....or should that be Police! Miles from Room 12 has earned himself a yoyo balloon for pointing out a deviation from the Oxford English Dictionary in list 9. See if you can spot it too. We will blame it on English as a living language! But it is all the more reason to keep up with that practise. Testing occurs during book week in week 6. There are excellent learning tips on the BPS Facebook page and on the Google docs link in the PTA newsletter. Spelling lists and spelling packs are available there too.  Huge thanks to more of our sponsors, James and Mary Frankham for donating fantastic books from "New Zealand Geograhic". Check out for more details, and thanks to Jill Main for donating exquisite products, go to


27 May - Room 12 Assembly.

6 June - Queen’s Birthday holiday - No School

7 - 10 June - Book week.  See below.

17 June - Class and individual photos.

23 June  - School Disco organised by PTA.

8 July - Term 2 ends

After Room 4 read 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson, the children pretended to be one of the characters and wrote these stories:

The sliding snake

“Oh no!” scrambled snake. I slid to my logpile house. I slid so so so so fast! I shot into it. I was scared that the Gruffalo was going to eat me. “The Gruffalo has knobbly knees, a black tongue, and orange eyes. It had been a long time …Then Mouse came back WITH  a horrible creature. It was the Gruffalo!!! I took one look at the Gruffalo and said “Good bye little Mouse and off I slid. I felt so so frightened.``   By Minerva Armstrong


I am Fox

I was coming out of my underground house when I saw a mouse. I wanted to trick Mouse to come in my underground house so I can eat him. So I asked him to come and have lunch with me. He said “Thank you, but I’m having lunch with a Gruffalo.” I said “What’s Gruffalo?” “Didn’t you know? He has terrible teeth in his terrible jaws, and terrible claws, and terrible tusks.” I asked “Where are you meeting him?” “By these rocks.” I asked “What is his favourite food?” “It’s roasted fox!” By Ryan McPhee


I tricked them all

I was walking through he deep dark woods when I met Fox, Owl and Snake. They all wanted to eat me, but I tricked them by telling them that I was going to meet a Gruffalo. They were scared of him and ran away. When I saw the Gruffalo he said “You’ll taste good on a slice of bread!” But I replied “I am the scariest creature in these woods!” I continued “Follow me and soon you’ll see!” We met Snake, Owl and Fox who all ran away because they were afraid of the Gruffalo. I tricked the Gruffalo. I said “My favourite food is Gruffalo scrumble!”  By Isaac Hung


The Owl

I was flying in the woods and I saw a mouse. I said “Come and have lunch in my treetop house.” The Mouse said “No. I’m having lunch with a Gruffalo.” I asked “What’s a Gruffalo?” and the Mouse replied “He has knobbly knees and turned out toes and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.” “Where are you meeting him?” “By this stream and his favourite food is Owl ice-cream!” “Owl ice-cream? Good-bye little Mouse.” I was scared.               By Holly Walters


I’m the Gruffalo

Mouse said he was the scariest creature in the woods. Ha ha ha! I did not believe him. “Follow me. I will show you I am the scariest creature in the woods.” Mouse said.  Scarier than me? I thought. I am the Gruffalo. I have terrible teeth in my terrible jaws, terrible claws, terrible tusks, Knobbly knees, turned out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of my nose! My eyes are orange; my tongue is black! I have purple prickles all over my back! I am a Gruffalo!  By Ethan Liu


And from a Year 4 student in Room 13:

“Lock your doors, lock your windows because this is about to get messy!”

All across New Zealand people have claimed to see the big bad wolf.  The wolf, as you know him, has killed the pigs and poor old Grandma.  This ugly beast is running around in the daytime and tiptoeing at night.  His fur blows in the midnight wind.  Mr Wolf is as dirty as a pig when he has finished with MUD!  His heart is as blank as paper.  When the moon has risen you will hear his midnight howl.  If you hear a pounding on the door, go to sleep and don’t do more.  Retirement homes, lock your windows.  Do the same with your paddocks of pigs.  Throw your sheets over your heads, kids, because this ain’t no fairy tale.                      Koby Clarkson

Good on you Koby - it is fantastic to see children enjoying manipulating language in this way.

Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti,