May 5

posted May 4, 2017, 5:22 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated May 4, 2017, 5:26 PM ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I trust that you enjoyed some special family time during the holiday. The children have settled back into learning and friendships. Mr Smith spent the break working on a wall to divide the Room 5 area into two learning spaces.  This week he has had some help from Room 5 children, who have been watching his progress with interest.  Room 5 spent yesterday in the Library while Mr Smith was working in their room.

5 building 1.jpg

5 building 2.jpg

ERO Visit - We have an Education Review Office team at school next week. They will be looking at our Teaching and Learning, talking to the children and teachers, and looking at the way we do things generally. I think we are well placed for a good review, thanks to a very committed team, and a lot of good work over the past few years.


Health and Safety

Road safety - on Monday, a small group of Year Three children were seen to cross Mokoia Road without using a crossing. I do not know at this stage who they were, but can you please reinforce the message that the children should always use a crossing, even if they see adults not doing so. With the number of drivers who text whilst driving along Mokoia Road, I believe this has would involve a significant risk.

Parking- You may notice that Logan has numbered all of the carpark spaces. This is an attempt to ensure a known parking space for all of the staff. There are still two 10 minute parking spaces near the hall and gateway if you need to pick up a sick child, drop off a lunch, etc.

Please talk to your child/ren about not walking through the top carpark before and after school.  Please encourage tham to use the Pergola entranceway which is much safer.


Te Reo-a-thon  

Do you love event planning, creating magnificent fliers, collecting money, story telling, stuffing envelopes or boosting the morale of others?  Or perhaps you simply  have a few hours a week to spare.  All offers of assistance in creating two memorable school event,  our Te Reo athon and Launch and our Matariki Celebrations, would be most welcome.  Please note that you do not need to be Maori or have been in the school for a long time to assist with the event team - we just need a crew with energy, enthusiasm and skills.  If you are interested, please flick Toni Shepherd an email at right now with your contact details.  We will then go ahead and try to coordinate your skills and talent and invite you to our next planning meeting.



8-12 May - ERO visiting the school.

26 May - Pink Shirt Day for Autism awareness.

15 June - Photolife, class and individual photos.


Congratulations to the Principal’s Award winners from last term’s final assembly:

Rm 1: Kristian Meys & Falah Zafiri,  Rm 2: Ava Wheatley & Sasha Young, Rm 3:  Amy Gao & Oli Gerin, Rm 4:  Kees Roelink & Albie Larsen, Rm 5:  Lawson Munn & Viliami Vai, Rm 6: Jimmy Duff & Archie Shanahan,  Rm 7: Amy Moore & Tawai Davies,  Rm 9:  Charlotte Hancock & Eloise Lyle, Rm 10:  Riley Sinnock, Rm 11:  Isaac Hung & Holly Walters,  Rm 12:  Sophie Smith & Issy Bakewell-White, Rm 13: Lily Hill & Elvis Ye,  Rm 14: Ava Lloyd & Agnes Stephens,  Rm 15 :  Joni Dickinson & Tamsin Mowat, Rm 16:  Will Ashley & Seanna Watson,  Rm 17:  Leonie Aguilar Berger & Aisha Kim, Rm 18:  Ollie Macomber & Zoe Nicolson.

BPS EZLUNCH: Pita Pit lunches delivered to your child every Tuesday - find out more, register and order at Convenient, delicious and fundraising for your school at the same time!

This week’s writing is from a Y4 English Language Learner from Vietnam.

In the holidays my family and I went to the ferry wharf.  My dad and I were fishing, my sister and my mum were looking.  My little fishing rod had a fish!  I pulled my fishing rod up, the fish jumped.  I shouted, “Dad! I have a fish!”  My dad said, “Good girl!”  Later I had six more fish.  Torie said, “Sister, can I try?”  When she tried, the fish jumped down to the water again.  But, finally, she tried and it was right.  “You did it, Torie!” said Mum.  What was my mum doing?  She was reading her book.  I loved this day.

By Surie Ton - Mr B. - Well done Surie - this is a great recount of a really fun time for your family!!

And this thoughtful piece of writing is from from a Year 6 Student in Room 15:


It's Not A Planet, Its Our Home

A ginormous spinning sphere of jade and sapphire spins through black emptiness as stars made of fiery gas look down at it. A mass of deep blue dominates the planet scattered with green, and surrounding seven shapes of dark emerald. Tiny and insignificant when compared to the others, a small country stands on its own, looking isolated and especially small.


Bush and forests create small sanctuaries to escape from the bustling cities as cars flash past the tall buildings. As people from different cultures lounge on the hot sandy beaches, sparkling ocean waves cascade onto white-gold sand.


At school kids play and run screaming in joy. As children learn in their decorated classrooms with their fabulous teachers, some tend to the gardens and look after the school’s environment. “Tag!” Kids shout as they play games and run down the hill to the field were others play soccer, a popular sport. This is where I live, this is where we all live. It’s not just a planet, it’s so much more than that. This is Earth, and it’s our home.  

By Amelia Stanley    - Amelia - this is a fantastic piece of writing - Well done. Mr B.

Have a wonderful week,

Nigel Bioletti,


Outside Organisations

What do you do with… a bike with dodgy brakes; a toaster with a damaged cord; a sweater with holes? Bring them along to a Repair Café – a free pop up event where local volunteer experts share their knowledge and do their best to repair your items.  Small Electrical Appliances – Bikes – Clothes – Toys - Small pieces of Furniture.  Birkenhead Primary School Hall, Sat 6th May 10am-1pm  For more info: or 022 0499 282              


Active Soul's annual BOOBLICIOUS 5K EVENT is coming up on Sunday 21st May to raise funds and awareness for NZBCF and Hospice charities.  It would be great to see our BPS families pounding the pavements and enjoying their bacon and egg buttie IN PINK on the day!  $45 per person (730am departure from Bungalo Cafe for both runners or walkers) or $100 for the team of 3 with a gold coin donation on the day for children. Deposit donations into the following Active Soul account 38-9010-0231196-00 with your name and BOOBS as reference and register by emailing Spread the word, get involved and we'll look forward to seeing you there!!