November 16

posted Nov 15, 2016, 6:57 PM by Alison Bray

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Sculpture on the Shore - our installation looked really great - the print covered chair took centre stage, surrounded by all the other pieces the children had created - hats, flowers, cups and saucers - well done everyone. It is fantastic that we are at the exhibition each time it is staged, so big thanks to Miss Houghton. Congratulations to Westlake Girls too - their installation, ‘Flying Machines’ was really well done.


We had our ‘Seeds of Hope’ banner reveal yesterday. A group of Panuku children worked with an Albany Senior High School student, Shaun Hiscoe, and with the support of his teacher, Mrs Patten (whose son Geoffrey attended this school), to create a banner that promotes caring for our environment, and shows what our children are already doing to help. Shaun created the digital image, which was then printed as a very beautiful banner. It will now join the banner collection that moves around New Zealand, as part of Soka Gakkai International’s ‘Seeds of Hope’ initiative. Well done Albany Senior High, well done Mrs Patten, well done Shaun, and well done Sean, Jaden, Flo, Unaiki, Emma, Joel, Alice, and Zoe.

Mr Tyler represented the Kaipatiki Board at the reveal, and spoke to the children about how they can become involved in helping their local environment. At the bottom of the newsletter, there are some links you can follow, to find environmental action organisations which children can be part of.


Congratulation to our Walking School Bus award winner, Isla Lawrence (Year 2)   300 Walks.

Congratulations to our newest students from Room 7, who have received Principal’s Awards this term.  They are Isaac Van Doren, Samuel Birley, Amy Gao and Theo Mataitonga.


Three BPS pupils who have qualified for the Auckland Junior Swimming Champs  on 25-27 November.   They are:

Safra Wohlfarth,(11 year old girls 200m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 50m backstroke, 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle),

Alice Ryan: (10 year old girls 100m breaststroke, 50m breaststroke) and Kaira Wohlfarth (9 year old girls and under 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle).

Quiz night was a huge success.  We have raised well over $10,000!!!!!!

Thanks to all those who helped, especially the school staff,  thanks to our generous sponsors,  and everyone on the PTA as this event was a true team effort.  A very generous sponsor was Colleen Mangnall of Prestige Real Estate in Milford. She really enjoyed the evening, and thought it marvellous that the school community could have such a good fun night. The Vikings took out best dressed and are happy to auction the boat that made their table so great.  Check it out in Room 9.  Interested parties should txt Annie 0210720477.

We also have the Family Feud tickets available. It is for 8 people who are 12 years plus.  Offers over $100 please.  Again, txt Annie. Also, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors… see the amazing list on the BPS Facebook page.

(I was helping out on the night, so I saw the amount of work Annie, in particular, was doing behind the scenes - thanks Annie for a fantastic night - well done indeed. NB)


Just a reminder, parents, of our position on dogs at school, a propos a recent incident at a local sports event:

Student safety is paramount. Dogs are permitted on school grounds but must be kept on a leash held by the parent at all times.  Dog owners are responsible for the behaviour of their dog, and must have full control of the dog at all times. They must accept full responsibility for any fouling, damage or injury caused by their dog.




***Assembly this Friday will be at 9.00 rather than 2.00pm. *** 

This is to allow our Kapa haka performers to attend the Onepoto Festival later in the day

November 18th - Kapa Haka festival at Onepoto Primary

November 24th-  Inter-School Athletics day

December 9th - Share the Arts at 9am

December 13th - End of Year Evening

December 15th - Sports prizegiving, followed by Year Six Graduation

December 16 – School finishes for the year at 1.00pm


Can you help: 12.30 to 1.30 Friday November the 25th to help with pizza lunches? Please email if you can assist.

Friday 25th     Friday 25th November Pizza lunch

Because it is popular with the kids and an easy lunch option for you! We’re doing it again.

Cheese and Hawaii options $2 a slice or $3 for 2.

CSI had a busy week last week.  Here is an account from Mary Thompson.

‘Mind the dog poop. There’s some over there, too.’

You would be surprised. For a popular nature monitoring place, and a well known little bush walk, Le Roy’s Bush smells worse and worse everyday.  Splash! Perhaps that was the culprit. We catch Mrs Sanders growling at the dog’s owner to ‘Put that dog on a leash!’ and ‘Get it out of the stream!’

In the swirling water and mud Sophie, Florence, Isabelle, Chelsea, Taylor, Joni, Jean-Ryan, Tamati and Mary (that’s me, just to add one more to the bunch) are all glad that we’ve already caught a couple of little friends. They are Billy the banded kokopu, and Elliot the long finned eel.

Straight after measuring our two friends, Billy measuring around 16 centimetres, and Elliot about 50, we let them go, and go back to school and painting our birds.

Just to clarify, the birds aren’t real. Either wooden, of a kind of corrugated cardboard. Little resene test pots of bright colours are dotted along the table, and brushes bob in and out of them and onto our artworks. All of these little guys will be displayed at Windsor Reserve in Devonport with 3000 others from the 18 to 28 of November, as part of “The Flock” to help the migrating shore birds of New Zealand. And we’re all happy to help.

Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti, Principal



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