October 12

posted Oct 11, 2016, 11:55 PM by Alison Bray   [ updated Oct 12, 2016, 10:54 PM ]

Tena koutou. Mihinui ki a koutou.

 This is a busy term - we want to keep the children making progress in their Literacy, Mathematics, and Inquiry, but have lots of other events - E.O.T.C. Week, Athletics Day, then preparation for our Prizegiving, Sports Prize-giving, and our Year Six Evening.

 It is lovely to be back. I have enjoyed my sabbatical time, and have enjoyed finding out about how we might build children’s grammatical understanding (without totally turning them off the subject!). Research supports the acquisition of grammatical knowledge as a way of enabling children to be more deliberate in their choice of sentence forms, to help their sentence building, and their ability to talk about their writing. Thanks to the Board for supporting my sabbatical, and to Alice, Allyson, Elaine, and the whole team for their support too. My wife and I particularly enjoyed the time we spent on Crete. Chris has a great-uncle buried in the Souda Bay War Cemetery there, so, in addition to being a very emotional experience for her, it was great to see all the NZ soldiers’ graves being so beautifully looked after. I have just read ‘Ned and Katena’ by Patricia Grace - a good read!

The field - can you help tomorrow?  We have a bobcat coming tomorrow to remove the soil piles on the field. If any Dads or Mums could help us out, spreading some soil around the plantings, before we remove the excess, please head down to the field after drop off time.  Wheelbarrow, shovel and rake could be handy. Coffees and morning tea on the school!! Your help would be very much appreciated. As summer approaches, and the plants become established, the perimeter of the field will look fantastic.


Calendar: We hope to finalise all our Term dates this week, and will advise in next week’s newsletter.

Our last day is the 16th December, our prizegiving on Tuesday 13th December, our  Sports Prize-giving and Year Six evening are on the 15th.


Ko te matou te rerenga kupu o te wiki (This is our phrase of the week)

Week One - Kei te pehea koe? (How are you?) Kei te pai (ahau) (I am) good.

Week Two - Ata marie - Good morning.

Note: ‘e’ in te reo is not pronounced ‘ay’ as you will often hear in the media - but as in ‘egg’, so aim to get the ‘e’ correct - Ata marie.

Please encourage your child’s attempts. Please reciprocate.

Auckland Airport Limited supports Birkenhead Primary - with the support of one of our School dads, we have won a $1000 grant from the Airport Company for the purposes of running a fun family Sports evening in Term One next year. The idea is that on a Wed or Thurs night, 5pm ish, children and parents can come up to school and enjoy a fun game of Touch - children versus children, parents and children vs parents and children, or children vs parents. Lots of fun. We are hoping that it can also be a chance for parents to learn some good coaching skills. After some games, perhaps a picnic dinner before home. Thanks very much to Scott Tasker for supporting us. If you might be able to help coach during this programme, please email me.

Outdoor Challenge Yesterday our Year 5s took part in an outdoor challenge at Long Bay.  They had a great day, pitching tents and cooking sausages amongst other activities.  Our Year 6s are there today,

 Congratulations to last week’s Principal’s Award winners:

Rm 1: Tawai Davies & Toi Shepherd, Rm 2: Lindsey Fam & Danish Raju, Rm 3: Archie Frankham & Louis Tongue, Rm 4: Zoe Wheatley & Carl Li, Rm 5:  Oli Gerin, Ruby Mallin, Holly Littlewood & Angie Liu, Rm 6: Scarlett Glover & Flynn Gower, Rm 8: Mia Matsumoto-Cross & Arpoorva Roopesh, Rm 9: Lucy Jones & Hugo Honore, Rm 10:  Kieran O’Flynn & Charlie Dobler, Rm 11: Ollie Johnstone-Bentley & Larissa Currie,  Rm 12: Aaron Thakkar & Sophia Hancock, Rm 13: Elise Whitehead & Lily Way,  Rm 14: Serena Gazzard & Kirsten Coleman,  Rm 15 : Nicolas Madrid & Romeo Meyer, Rm 16: Jaime Millington & Rawan Zafiri,  Rm 17: Andy Hu & Sophia Tasker.

PTA News – Quiz night. 11 November. To book tickets email: trivia@birkenheadprimary.school.nz


Kaipatiki Board Grant:  BPS has been fortunate in being given a $3000 grant for the control of pest plants, over the next two years, behind the field fence.  Some work has already been completed by the approved handler, which great results, and we are looking forward to a "Pest Free Kaipatiki" in the BPS backyard.  



SUMMER SPORTS TEAMS:  Team lists will be out this week and start dates are below.  You will be notified of the draw by email, as soon as it is available to the school.

Hockey:  Monday 17 October (Tuesday Advanced 18 October)

Netball:   Saturday 15 October,  Wednesday 19 October

Soccer:   Wednesday, 2 November

SPORTS UNIFORMS:  If your child is not playing a summer sport, would you please ensure their uniform skirt/shorts/socks is returned as soon as possible to ensure you are not liable for their replacement.

Whanake classes are focusing on poetry this term.  Here are some great examples from Room 12 (Year 4) students.


Sadness is the wind flying across

Saness is the blue sea shimmering.

Sadness is the cold ice melting

Sadness Is the sea whispering to the sky.

Sadness is the moon going down the sky.

Sadness is the stars glimmering in the sky

Sadness is the last star fading from the darkness.

Sadness is the wolf howling at the sky.

By Hundo Park

Nervous poem

The colour of nervous is pale grey concrete shimmering through the summer.

Nervous sounds like an ogre grumbling in you tummy.

Nervous feels like butterfliesfluttering around in your tummy.

Nervous looks like the world has turned pitch black.

Nervous tastes like eating shiny metal.

By Lucas Dobler



Happiness is the gold sand slipping out of my hands.

Happiness is the flavour of a sweet, juicy grape freshly picked from your garden.

Happiness feels like a soft, fluffy pillow that you always sleep on.

Happiness smells like a cake just brought out from the oven.

Happiness sounds like jazz music that cheers you up when you dance.

By Shiori Tozaki

 Have a wonderful week

Nigel Bioletti



Outside organisations

 Last chance to sign up to Snowplanet’s awesome deal for Birkenhead Primary students. Learn to ski or snowboard or improve technique. For $135 the deal runs for 5 weeks starting midday on Sunday the 30th of October. It includes a 1hr ski or snowboard lesson, 1hr free play afterwards, and ski hire or snowboard hire, plus helmet hire.

Clothing is not included but is available for separate hire. Please also sign up for the snow access card. You need it. Sign up through the link. https://t4birkenhead.eventdesq.com  All welcome