September 21

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A massive thank you to Pikiake families who donated items for our "Care Packages".  We had a wonderful response and ended up creating seven amazing boxes of goodies which were presented to  Marian from the  Asylum   Seeker Support Trust  at  our PIkiake  assembly on Friday.  

Marian has sent us this message of appreciation:

“I have just delivered all the wonderful gifts that we received from your junior classes last week to our social worker Jenny Bielby. We are overwhelmed by the kindness shown by the children who were part of this project. With the school holidays approaching Jenny & our volunteers will ensure some of the kits will be distributed to families as soon as possible. Our families cannot afford outings or school holiday programmes so having these kits to give out will help the children occupy their time during the next few weeks.”

Placements for 2017 - A final reminder for requests for 2017 Class Placements. Please email by Friday.  After this date we will no longer be able to take into account any parent requests.

Waterwise Instructor Training - We would still like some more people to train to instruct our year 5 and 6 children at Waterwise.  Trainees will be taught to sail optimist dinghies and to drive the Patrol boats.  It’s lots of fun and absolutely essential to the continuation of the Waterwise programme.  Training will be on Thursdays during October with a test on November 3rd.  You are welcome to come along and see if it is your thing, no experience required.  For more information please contact Mrs Bray,


Sporting Achievements

Great work to our Flippa Ball team, the Birkenhead Marlins, who came first in the term 3 competition, after going into overtime.  

Two of our parents are receiving hockey coaching awards - congratulations to Kirstie Wardle and Dave West.

Well done the Birkenhead 5/1 Netball team, who came second in their competition.

Twice Upon a Time DVDs Order your DVD now! DVDs will be prepared over the holidays.  If you would like to secure your copy, order forms have been sent home today and must be returned with payment by next Wednesday 21st September.  We will let you know when the DVDs are ready to be collected after the holidays.

Smartmoves Term 4  We are looking for Parent Helpers for our two groups of Smartmovers for Term 4. Session times are Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays 9-10:15, Weeks 2-7.  Please let Miss Mac, Mrs Sutherland or Mrs Anderson know if you can help at any of these times. 

Lost Property will be displayed on the seating outside the Library on Friday.  Please take the time to check for your child’s belongings as any remaining items will be disposed of during the holidays.

New Library books This year the Library raised nearly $500.00 from the DONATE A GOLD COIN fundraiser.  This was fanatstic, with most families participating.  With the money we have purchased about 120 books!  These are all new and can be viewed in the Library this week.  They will be available to be issued next term.


23 September - Term 3 ends at 3pm

10 October - Term 4 begins.  Term 4 ends December 16.

11 & 12 October - Panuku trip to Long Bay

24 October - Labour Day holiday, no school

25 - 28 October - EOTC  week for Panuku and Whanake

Term 4 ends on December 16

PTA News

Pizza lunch - This Friday, the last day of term, at $2 per slice or $3 for 2 slices – buon appetito.

 Abacus Art Fundraiser - 2017 Calendar, Diaries, Greeting Cards and/or Notepad with your child's artwork - make great Christmas presents.   Order forms, have gone home or ask your teacher, need to be returned by Friday the 23rd of September. 

All the artwork can be seen in the school library.


Sports Teams:  Please get your Hockey, Netball, Touch and Soccer Play and Pay slips in - last chance.

Uniforms:  If you are NOT playing a summer sport, then please remember to return your child's uniform in a named plastic bag.

Whanake students have recently been preparing and delivering their speeches.  Here are two great examples from Room 13 (Year 4) students:

Who’s afraid of snakes?  Who would have a snake as a pet?  I’m Will and I’m here today to tell you why snakes make great pets.  I’ll talk about how snakes are good survivors, they don’t take up much space in your house and people aren’t allergic to them.

Did you know that snakes can live for 2 or 3 days without food? That means you don’t need to remember to feed them every day.  They’re cheap to feed too because they only eat once a week.

Snakes won’t get in the way at home because they don’t take up much room. In fact an 8 foot snake can live in a box half its size.

Many pets, like cats and dogs, drop dander, which is dead skin and fur. This ends up all around the house and it makes people sneeze and itch. Snakes don’t produce dander so people aren’t allergic to them. You won’t have to buy allergy medicine if you have a snake as a pet. The other good news is that snakes aren’t too smelly.

Snakes are good pets. Nobody is allergic to them, they don’t take up much room and they don’t eat much.

Go and get yourself a pet snake today!  By Will Ashley


Do you think that books are better than movies and video games? I do and I’m going to convince you of that.

More people should read books. Books are great for your brain. Books give you information and books help you to relax.

If you read a book to your baby, your baby gets words in its brain.  By reading a book you can get information about all sorts of things and your brain gets brainier!  You will do better at school. You will know more words and you’ll be able to win arguments with your family and friends.

When you watch a movie or video game the person who made it gives you all the information and you don’t have to think. You will have a better imagination if you read books and you will be more creative. You will become a better writer and you might be able to invent things.

Scientists have proven that if you read for 6 minutes your heart rate slows and your muscles relax. If you play video games you get very excited and stressed out trying to win. Stress is not good for your mind or body.

So stop playing video games and get a book and start reading. You will know more words, you will win arguments, you will have a better imagination and you will be relaxed and happy.

You might even write your own book one day!

Books are definitely better than movies or video games. By Ryan Corner

Have a safe and relaxing holiday break

From all the Team at BPS

Outside Organisations

Screenies is NZ’s Children’s International Film Festival. Held at TAPCA, Western Springs, the Gala opening is on Thursday the 22nd of September and they have a programme packed with fabulous films for kids and families through the weekend of the 24th and 25th of September.  Tickets from just $8.50.  Find out more at and look for them on FB: