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New Students

To enrol for an in-zone place, you just need to fill in an enrolment form and bring it in to the school along with the following documentation:

  • Child's birth certificate or current passport
  • Immunisation certificate 

Download the enrolment form

 If you have questions about the enrolment process or the information required, call us on 480 7365 or email us.

Birkenhead Primary School enrolment zone

Description of Zone 2015

(Note: the red line shows the boundary of the shared area with Verran School)


As advised in Enrolment Scheme advised by the Ministry of Education, students will be able to enrol at our school if they live within the home zone described below:


Starting at 165 Mokoia Road (160,165 and below included) travel east to Highbury bypass to Birkenhead Avenue (Roseberry Avenue (30,39 and below included), Miraka Place, Titiwai Place-included, Catrina Avenue and Paris Place –excluded.  Include to the north, Birkenhead Avenue, Glenfield Road (127-145, 6-24 included) to Coroglen Avenue (included) and to the east, Onewa Road (178, 159 and above included), Park Avenue and Wernham Place included, Kauri Glen Road excluded.  Travel south along Birkenhead Avenue then along Hinemoa Street before heading east along Maritime terrace.  Follow the coastline west to Colonial Road before heading northwest across country to Blundell Place and Porritt Avenue (64, 75 and above included).  Travel North along Porritt Avenue then west along the centre of Mokoia Road, back to the starting point.

All no exit roads off included, boundary roads are included in the zone otherwise stated.