Formal Reporting

National Standards Reporting

The National Standards judgements (either ‘Progress’ for a half anniversary, or ‘Achievement’ for a full anniversary) for Year 1 to 3 children will be made and posted in ‘AtSchool’ at the end of the Term in which they have a half or full school anniversary.

For Year 4 to 6 children, ‘Progress’ judgements will be made at the end of Term Two, and achievement, at the end of the year. Parents will be able to follow up these judgements at ‘Triangles’ or arranged meetings – particularly for children who are not meeting the National Standards.

School Reports

School reports are sent home at the end of each year.  They are intended to advise parents of their children’s achievement in the key learning areas, and in their values and competency development for the year.  These reports will not include direct National Standards judgements, as they will all be available on-line at ‘AtSchool’

In addition, a brief ‘New Entrant’ report will be sent home soon after a child starts school.  These include results from the School Entry Assessments, and also log in details for ‘AtSchool’. 



Children and their teachers have ongoing conversations about the children’s learning.  As a result of these conversations, the children become more aware of the next steps in their learning.  These are what we refer to as Spotlights, and children/teacher record these on ‘Spotlight’ sheets. The Spotlights are also included in Triangle discussions, so that parents are fully aware of the child’s learning goals.  Our greatest hope is that children and parents will be able to share the child’s Spotlights on an ongoing basis - with the child demonstrating their work and their progress towards their Spotlights.



Triangles should focus on your child's learning - where your child 'is at' in Literacy and Numeracy, and where to next. Before each triangle, teacher and child will have looked at your child's achievement in Literacy and Numeracy, and their Key Competency development, reviewed their progress in their current Spotlight, and agreed Spotlights for the term ahead

Triangles take place in Terms One, Two and Three.


Online Assessment Results

Formal assessment results are posted live on our ‘AtSchool’ on-line facility.  Parents can go to (or click on the AtSchool icon on the right sidebar) and log in.  Contact the school office for new or forgotten passwords.

Once on the ‘AtSchool’ website, parents can click the LEARNING button at the top, then ASSESSMENT on the left hand side.  The new page should have a yellow bar at the top and ‘Learning: Assessments’ written on it.  Results are located in three places:  Assessment Page, Progress Card and National Standards sun graphs.  On the right sidebar is a demo video for parents on how to access all current and past assessment results of their child, including National Standards achievement.


Informal Reporting

Parents can keep in touch with their child’s learning through informal contacts with the class teachers and through their child’s homework and workbooks.   Furthermore, teachers are happy to meet with parents at any other time by arrangement or via email.

We also have ‘Share the Arts’ at the end of most school terms, in which children perform items related to the term’s learning, e.g. recorder, singing, visual arts and drama.

Assessment And Reporting   Assessment
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