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Our Inquirers

In inquiry learning, we nurture children’s curiosity and interest while developing their key competencies (Thinking, Using Language, Symbols and Texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others, and Participating and Contributing), content knowledge and inquiry skills.

Underpinned by theories from Dewey, Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky and Harpaz, our inquiry learning model emphasises a hands-on discovery approach in authentic contexts. Children are encouraged to notice and wonder about things.  They use evidence obtained from observations and other inquiry methods to build and test their ideas on concepts related to the inquiry wonderings. This process is supported through ongoing conversations with peers and adults in a learning community. New learning is then applied back to some real life situations or share with authentic audiences.

Children have opportunities to engage in a range of inquiries, from the guided and more structured inquiries to the ones that are more children-driven or -inspired.